A guide to Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde is ITV’s newest drama and the big-budget fantasy-drama series inspired by the classic gothic novella is one of our must-watch TV shows this month.

Here we share everything you need to know about the new series.

What’s it about?

Based on the 1886 Robert Louis Stevenson novella The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the series is set in 1930s London. It pays homage to its source material by focusing on newly qualified doctor Jekyll, the grandson of the titular book character, who lives in Asia with his foster parents. Unaware of his past, the naïve Jekyll begins to slip between a pair of alter egos, which leads to a journey of discovery in London as he begins to unravel his family history. Jekyll transforms into Hyde in moments of extreme anger, stress and when his or the lives of others are threatened.

Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll is a young, sensitive and naive man of intellect and morality, a well meaning if slightly repressed character who slips between his two personas unwillingly.

Hyde is a totally different person; a superhero with superpowers, great strength, speed and invulnerability. He is confident, risk-taking and lives life on the edge. His self-destructive nature gets him into trouble, and yet he is an incredibly powerful force. He is a man of action who gets things done despite the consequences.

Throughout the series we will witness Jekyll wrestling with the dark, brooding personality of Hyde as he struggles to come to terms with his superhero alter ego.

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When will it premiere?

Jekyll & Hyde looks set to premiere on October 25 at 6.30pm on ITV.

How many episodes?

There will be ten episodes in the first series of the action-adventure drama.

Who’s starring in it?

Tom Bateman (Da Vinci’s Demons, The Tunnel), Richard E Grant (Downton Abbey, Dr Who) and Natalie Gumede (Coronation Street, Death In Paradise) join forces to star in Jekyll and Hyde.

Meet the characters

Robert Jekyll played by Tom Bateman

Robert is the grandson of the original Doctor Jekyll and has grown up completely ignorant of his past, and the family curse he has inherited.

Hyde played by Tom Bateman

Hyde, as you would expect, is the opposite of Jekyll – unbuttoned, uninhibited, unprincipled and dangerously out of control. Robert has to struggle first to understand and then control his dark impulses. But this is something of a superhero take on the characters and Hyde has the equivalent of ‘superpowers’ – he’s immensely strong, very fast and almost invulnerable.

Max Utterson played by Christian McKay

Max Utterson plays a lawyer who lets Robert know he’s due an inheritance from his grandfather’s estate. At first he’s an adviser, but soon turns into a friend. He’s rather cautious and timid, so can’t quite believe when he learns about Robert and the monsters that share his world.

A guide to Jekyll and Hyde TheFuss.co.uk

Garson played by Donald Sumpter

Garson previously worked with Doctor Henry Jekyll on his mad experiments, but since moved on after his death. He’s the only person in London who knows what really happened 50 years ago, and is reluctant to go back there and uncover hidden secrets when Robert comes looking for clues to his past. However when he sees that Robert is unlike his grandfather and genuinely wants rid of Hyde, he grudgingly comes on board as Robert’s protector.

Lily Clarke played by Stephanie Hyam

Lily is the first person Robert meets in England and it’s a case of love at first sight; Lily represents for Robert everything that is pure and good in the world – everything that is at threat from Hyde.

Bella played by Natalie Gumede

If Lily is the classic good girl, then Bella is the classic bad girl. When Robert first fully turns into Hyde he finds himself in a seedy East End pub ‘The Empire’, and meets its proprietor, Bella Charming, who runs a criminal gang on the side. She is more than a match for the unruly, supercharged Hyde. She’s had a tough life and it shows. She’s beautiful, dangerous, self-reliant, clever but ultimately falls hard for the dangerous charms of Hyde.

Bulstrode played by Richard E Grant

Bulstrode runs MIO (Military Intelligence Other), a government department that officially doesn’t exist. Their job is to track down anything supernatural and monstrous and get rid of it. If the world appears mundane, grey and all too ordinary, that’s because Bulstrode and his team have been doing their job well. He knows quite a lot about Jekyll/Hyde and ultimately wants to recruit him, but first uses him as a bait to draw the series villains into his trap.

Captain Dance played by Enzo Cilenti

Captain Dance is the main villain of the series. Suave, sinister, ruthless, and with a wicked sense of humour, Dance is Bulstrode’s chief rival. He is a senior officer for an organisation of monsters known as Tenebrae. He is one of the living dead, able to regenerate after being killed, although it takes a terrible toll on him. Outwardly he is pristine, in his beautifully-tailored military uniform, underneath he’s a rotting corpse.

Fedora played by Natasha O’Keefe

Fedora is Dance’s sidekick and lover. She looks after him and helps to revive him when he ‘dies’. She’s a black widow figure – seductive, ruthless and deadly.

Hilary ‘Hils’ Barnstaple played by Ruby Bentall

Hils is Max Utterson’s devoted assistant, a no-¬nonsense, jolly hockey sticks kind of a gal, good at paperwork and good in a fight. Nothing flusters her and she takes everything in her stride. She can take a drink, drives too fast and is a pretty decent shot.

Ravi played by Michael Karim

Ravi is Robert’s half-¬brother. Sixteen years old, and very smart. He escapes an attack and imprisonment in Ceylon to come to England and help his big brother. The two of them get into many scrapes together, and it’s not clear just who is supposed to be looking after who.

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Meet the monsters

The Vetala: The zombie-¬like reanimated corpses of Captain Dance’s enemies, they become his ghoulish slaves.
The Harbinger: Half man, half dog, he brings dire warnings of the future.
The Black Dog: When under pressure Robert turns into Hyde. During the series he meets a branch of his family who when under similar pressure turn into monstrous black dogs.
The Cutter: 7’6” tall and with a lobster claw for an arm. He may not be very bright but he’s extremely destructive.
The Moroii: Hideous leech‐like creatures who help Captain Dance to regenerate, but when let loose into the sewers they grow to monstrous proportions.
The Reaper Bug: A parasite that gets inside you and controls your every action.
The Incubus: A demon who takes on the form of the person you love most in the world in order to eat your soul…

What to expect in the first episode

In the opening episode Jekyll is a newly qualified doctor living with his foster parents in Ceylon. He knows nothing of his family history or his inherited condition, which his foster father, Dr Vishal Najaran, is controlling with medication. The drama follows his path to discovery, which coincides with the transformative powers of his condition growing stronger and more disruptive. His journey will take him into a dark and unforgiving place, as his alter ego seems capable of anything. At the same time there are shadowy forces trying to find Jekyll and the source of his powers.

Special effects

CGI plays a huge part in the Jekyll’s transformation into Hyde and the subsequent superhero sequences when the darker side of the hero emerges and demonstrates extraordinary strength and agility.

Certain characters will also be created by CGI techniques.

A guide to Jekyll and Hyde TheFuss.co.uk