Babyliss Curl Secret review and tips on how to use it

Taryn Davies
Published: October 23, 2015

The Babyliss Curl Secret certainly made our jaws drop when we first seen it, what is this magical contraption that pulls up our hair and makes it into beautiful curls?!

It might seem like a bit of an exaggeration to say this hair tool will revolutionise how you style your hair, but Babyliss have managed to put proof into their claims with this product.

This new Auto Curl Technology is something you’ll welcome into your life with open arms, curling your hair has never been easier with this tool that does all the work for you.

Here’s our review of the Babyliss Curl Secret, we have a feeling you’re going to love it just as much as we do.Babyliss Curl Secret review

Features of the Babyliss Curl Secret

  • Creates curls automatically, with little effort from you
  • Professional heating system for fast curl formation
  • Ceramic technology for smooth, shiny curls
  • Alternating curl direction for a natural finish
  • Automatic shut off
  • 2 heat settings: High and Low
  • Maximum temperature 230°C
  • 3 timer settings with audio beep indicator
  • Heat ready indicator
  • 30 seconds heat-up time
  • 70mm ceramic barrel to add shine and protect hair from heat damage
  • 5m swivel cord
  • Heat protection mat


The BaByliss Curl Secret is designed with some pretty inventive technology, the Auto Curl, which takes little effort on our part to create gorgeous curls that last all day.

The tool works by drawing hair into the device, where the magic happens and hair is heated to form a curl. Then all you need to do is release the hair from the device to reveal a perfect curl – it sounds as simple as it is.

The ionic conditioning system also ensures your hair is left sleek and shiny, as the ions work to fight frizz.Babyliss Curl Secret review


You can choose between two heat settings when using the tool, the top temperature is 230°C. This top temperature is designed for those with thick hair, and the low temp is for those with fine hair. Allowing you to choose the best for your hair type.

Time Settings

Not only can you tailor the heat for your hair, but there's a selection of times to choose from when it comes to using the Babyliss Curl Secret. The three different time settings will give you different curls from the device, the shorter the time the looser the curl, and the longer the timer, the more defined the curl will be.

Babyliss Curl Secret review

Babyliss Curl Secret Summary

This device was touted as the ‘biggest innovation in hair styling’ and it’s safe to say that Babyliss lived up to their claims with the Babyliss Curl Secret device.

It takes all the faff and fuss out of curling your hair,  producing long-lasting beautiful curls time and time again.

Here’s exactly why we love the Babyliss Curl Secret:

It’s foolproof – The Babyliss Curl Secret is easy to use and guarantees perfect curls every time you use it, even if you’re not particularly skilled at styling your hair.

It’s reliable – It’s easy to admit that it can take a lot of time and effort to curl your hair, but the curls don’t turn out as good as they did last time. With this tool they always work and look pretty perfect too.

It’s quick – While we may have suffered many of aching arms when we’ve finished wanding and tonging our hair before, the speed that this tool works at ensures you’ll be finished in no time.

It’s long-lasting – There’s nothing more disheartening that curling your hair to only find that they’ve dropped out a few hours later. With curls created with the Babyliss Curl Secret your hair is full and bouncy all day long.

While it may certainly be an investment hair tool, you certainly won’t be disappointed with this product.

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