Beauty resolutions to make for the New Year

Every year we make New Year resolutions that are pretty much hard to stick to, they’re unrealistic and we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to have them completed. But these beauty resolutions are going to make a big difference to your skin, and are definitely something we should be doing already.

Resolutions can often start to feel like work, which is why we abandon them so quickly, but we continue to make them because they’re supposed to help us adopt better habits.

These beauty resolutions are definitely something to stick to once the New Year rings in, drinking enough water and flossing daily are the obvious resolutions you already know, but with these below we have a feeling, you’ll certainly see improvement with these little tweaks to your beauty regimen.

Beauty resolutions to make for the New Year

Clean your makeup brushes

While we hopefully all wash our faces every day, you could be spreading dirt and bacteria to your skin every time you apply makeup if you’re not washing your brushes regularly too. To help extend the life of your makeup brushes, keep them bacteria free and prevent build up on your brushes (which can affect the look of your makeup), make sure you wash your brushes every one to two weeks.

If you need further help, read our full guide on How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes.

How to clean your makeup brushes

Ease up on the heat

Between blow drys, hair straighteners, tongs and heated rollers we subject our hair to plenty of heat on a weekly basis, so not only do you need to ensure you’re using heat protection spray to protect your locks but every now and then take a break from them. Twist your hair into a knot for a couple of days at work, let your hair air dry rather than reach for the hair dryer. You’ll find that your locks feel a lot less frazzled when you do so.

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Don’t pick at your face, or touch it for that matter

The reaction to a new blemish is often to pick it or pop it, but touching the pimple can cause infection or the bacteria to spread, which can lead to further blemishes.

Do your best to avoid picking your face when you see a new one appear, and maybe try an acne patch to speed healing and suppress the urge to pick.

But even touching your face can easily spread germs and bacteria, so do your best to avoid touching your skin throughout the day without having cleaned your hands beforehand.

Don’t just use makeup wipes to take off your makeup

Makeup wipes may be an easy option when you’ve had a long day, but the fact of the matter is, they won’t remove every trace of makeup that you have on your face. If you are going to use them, make sure you go in again with another cleanser to make sure you remove every trace and leave your skin feeling clean, soft and supple.

Cleansing balms are a great option to try, see our pick of The Best Cleansing Balms.

Beauty resolutions you should try in the New Year

It’s important you remove all traces of makeup in the evening with a good cleansing product

Remove makeup every night

Ask any dermatologist: Cleansing your face on a daily basis is crucial for a clear complexion. If left on overnight, makeup and free radicals (from bus exhaust, the sun, germs on your mobile phone) cause dead skin cells to build up, clogging pores and creating an uneven canvas for makeup application. Instead of waiting until you’re half-asleep and the bathroom feels miles away, wash your face as soon as you get home.

Follow our guide to a Speedy Night Time Skincare Routine to ensure you don’t have to spend ages getting ready to wind down.

Don’t forget sunscreen

Just because you don’t live near the beach doesn’t mean you don’t need to wear sunscreen. You can subject your complexion to sun damage during any season, even when it’s cloudy out. Wearing a sunscreen daily is the only way to protect against and prevent skin damage and cancer.

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Embrace the masks

Skin care masks can work not only wonders for the skin but for your wellbeing too. They force you to take some me time and invest in yourself, even if it’s only 10 minutes a week. From exfoliating, deep cleansing, moisturising and brightness, there’s pretty much a skincare mask for every type of skincare problem. Sheet masks are definitely some of our favourite options, but there are so many out there to try – multi-masking might be the best option for you.

Have you tried #multimasking?

Ditch your vices

Many of us spend a fortune on expensive beauty products to help keep our skin youthful and glowing. However, the most effective way to improve your appearance could be by making lifestyle changes. We all know that smoking causes premature ageing, but alcohol, sugar, salty food and late nights can also take their toll on your appearance. In fact, sugar consumption is up there with sun exposure and smoking when it comes to the major causes of wrinkles. Try cutting out – or cutting down on – your biggest vice and see what a difference it makes to your looks.

Have a clear out of old makeup

It’s hard to bin things that have barely been used and you’ve spent £30 plus on them, but now is the perfect time to go through your makeup and get rid of the products you really don’t need and those that you don’t use. Especially if they’re old and way past their use-by-date.

Don’t forget about the base coat

It’s so easy to just paint your nails with the colour you want to wear, especially if you’re in a rush, we’ve done it plenty of times. But colours really can stain your nails, particularly those dark shades you’re more likely to reach for in the winter months. Always use a base coat when applying nail varnish, that way your nails will look just as good when you don’t wear anything on them.

Embrace beauty sleep

Sleep is one of the most important gifts we can give our skin, the phrase beauty sleep is definitely real. Resting encourages skin to restore and repair. Anti-ageing activity occurs while you sleep, so basically get all the sleep you can to help turn back the years on your skin. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can exacerbate chronic skin conditions and even accelerate skin ageing.

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