Best hair dryer for frizzy hair

Frizzy hair plagues many of us, and taming it can all start with the hair tools we use, most notably the hair dryer.

Having a hairdryer that helps tame frizz will go a long way ensuring your locks stay silky and frizz free till the next time you come to wash your hair.

Frizzy hair is often drier and naturally tends to absorb moisture from humid air, making your hair’s outer layer lift and give a look of a frizzy head. By giving your locks plenty of moisture, even as you blow dry, will go a long way in ensuring your hair stays frizz-free.

Here’s our pick of the best hair dryers for frizzy hair.

Best hairdryers for frizzy hair

Parlux Powerlight 385 Hairdryer

Powerful, lightweight and boasting ceramic and ionic technology, this model doesn’t give out any harmful emissions and maintains hair’s moisture despite the use of heat. A mighty pricey, but mighty powerful package – you won’t be disappointed with the Parlux Power Light 385 hair dryer.

The incredible Parlux 385 Power Light hair dryer has an in built silencer which means it is quieter and gives out no harmful emissions. The incorporated ceramic and ionic technology means that hair maintains its moisture and leaves it looking shiny and smooth.

With perfect balance, light weight and an incredible airflow of 79 cubic metres per hour, the Parlux 385 has it all. This chic new model has the standard three meter cable, and features a carefully crafted handle which has been designed for perfect balance.

Parlux Power Light 385 hairdryer review

Corioliss Coriolissimo hairdryer

This Corioliss Coriolissimo hairdryer has a powerful 2500-watt motor to ensure you can dry your locks in no time at all.

With a 2500w motor and extreme velocity, it gives faster drying power and optimum styling control.

The unique technology includes excellent conductive properties which mean they distribute heat evenly over the entire dryer with no hot spots. This results in effortless styling with great looking results that last longer.

Negative Ion Technology eliminates static and frizz by neutralising positive (static) ions which can accumulate when brushing or styling, the result is soft, smooth and shiny hair that stays in place.

Infrared heat gently heats each hair from within without drying out the hair; this process protects the cuticle resulting in faster styling and moisture rich, healthy looking results.

Corioliss Coriolissimo hair dryer review

Ego Evolve hairdryer

Ego Evolve comes with over 144 combinations, demonstrating that it really is about technology before technique. As well as that, this hair dryer has 12 adjustable heat, speed, condition and cool shot settings for added power, volume, softness and shine, reducing frizz and risk of heat damage for a truly lasting style.

As with all Ego Professional styling tools, the brand has used their unique technology of combining naturally occurring mineral-laden earth Hwango and Tourmaline Red Pine Forest in Korea. This formulates their trademark ‘HW2’ technology which plays the key role in preventing static and frizz, drying whilst retaining moisture, and keeping hair healthy as well as drying it in the fastest time possible without harm. For amazing results they combine HW2 with the best quality crushed Tourmaline gems which emit infrared heat and negative ions (which evaporate excess water), making the heat much gentler on the hair during styling for a shinier and less frizzy finish. The tourmaline gem also enables the hair to endure much higher levels of heat without creating damage.

Ego Evolve hair dryer review

Glamoriser Salon Results hairdryer

The Glamoriser Salon Results Hair Dryer has been designed with you mind, every feature of this hair dryer promotes ease of use and provides your hair with a host of beauty benefits whilst styling too.

The Mega-ion Generator releases conditioning ions to enhance shine for frizz free perfectly polished results. The grille is infused in Black Diamond Oil for absolute salon-style shine. With an additional diffuser to enhance curls and a thermal blow dry brush to create the style of your choice, you will be left with a fresh salon look envied by all.

Glamoriser Salon Results hair dryer review

Diva Professional Veloce 3800 Pro hairdryer

The Veloce 3800 Pro by Diva Professional Styling is an evolutionary dryer designed especially to provide the user with much enhanced performance for styling that lasts.

Manufactured with the best ionic conditioning, the Veloce 3800 Pro has an indicator light to demonstrate that the dryer is functioning correctly. With 5,000,000, ions/cm3 working to provide your hair with a ‘built-in anti-frizz’ you can guarantee that your hair will be the smoothest and shiniest around.

Diva Professional Styling Veloce 3800 Pro hair dryer review

Remington Silk Hairdryer

The Remington Silk hair dryer makes a statement with its eye catching red design, and the six heat/speed settings, turbo boost and cool shot means it packs a punch in performance too.

You can give yourself the ultimate blow dry at home with the smoothest, sleekest finish thanks to its silk ceramic coating and ion generator, the inspiration for the Silk’s name because this advanced technology ensures a silky-smooth salon style every time.

Not only can you dry your hair in record time thanks to the 140km/h air flow for fast air velocity and quick drying, least not to mention the turbo boost when you’re really pushed for time, but your hair is finished with a gorgeous sleek finish thanks to the ceramic grille and ionic conditioning.

Remington Silk hair dryer review

Panasonic Nanoe hairdryer

The Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer certainly has a salon-professional look to it, with a high-tech design and 2.7m cord that’s ideal if you don’t like to be chained to the plug whilst drying your hair.

So what exactly does this Nanoe technology do? It produces nano-sized electrostatic atomised water particles, which hold around 1,000 times more water than negative ions. And? It therefore provides deep moisture into the hair, reducing possible damage and dryness caused by heating. Nanoe penetrate deep into hair to maintain optimum moisture balance, which keeps the cuticle on the surface in good condition to make hair shiny and easy to manage.

Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer review

Paul Mitchell Neuro Dry hairdryer

Paul Mitchell Neuro Styling Tools use science and technology to give you incredible styling results with every use, and the Neuro Dry Hair Dryer is something you’ll be happy you invested in.

Not only does the Neuro Dry look extremely luxurious but the science behind the product is visible, making it even more chic. The Neuro Dry features tourmaline ions to dry hair quickly but gently, all while reducing frizz and enhancing shine. The ‘Clean Filter’ is activated by the SmartSense microchip to ensure optimum performance and efficient styling.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Dry Hair dryer review

Collexia hairdryer

The Collexia is the dryer of the future, cutting down on drying time, is energy efficient and leaves hair in tip-top condition. But how does it differ from other high quality hairdryers on the market? The unique patented dual-fan system doubles the volume of airflow the dryer is able to produce. While other dryers have reduced drying times by increasing heat, the Collexia CHP Compact vastly improves drying time without excessive, hair-damaging heat – by up to 50%.

The Collexia dryer is unique in being able to deliver a hair enriching conditioning treatment while you blow-dry. Specially formulated treatment pods fit into the dryer and apply an enriching and shine enhancing treatment while you style and finish the hair. There are three treatment formulas, and as they are applied while blow-drying it’s a quick and easy way to keep your hair looking great.

Each Beauty Everyday Pod contains silk protein, hair conditioning and moisturising ingredients helping to impart shine. They’re also proven to help increase the elasticity of the hair, leading to less breakage.

Collexia hair dryer review


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