16 must-have MAC eyeshadows perfect for green eyes

Wearing eyeshadow to enhance your eye colour doesn’t have to be dramatic, but having a long-lasting colour that’s easy to work with is best, that’s why we think MAC eyeshadows are the perfect option, here are some of our favourites for green eyes.

When it comes to warm eye shades burgundy, plum, bronze, pink, brown, rose gold and taupe all work well for green eyes.

For cooler eye colour shades with green eyes, stick to purple and violet, some silver shades can work well if they have purple undertones too.

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MAC coloured eyeshadows for green eyes


It might technically be a red eyeshadow, but there’s a rusty, Burgundy undertone that stops it from being too pinky and you looking fancy dress when you’re wearing it.

MAC Cranberry Eyeshadow


So wearing green eyeshadows with green eyes might be shunned by some people, but this frosty shade is too pretty not to wear.

MAC Humid Eyeshadow


Nocturnelle is described as a "pinked-up chrome purple [with a Frost finish]." It's a brightened, medium-dark purple with cool, pink undertones and a satiny sheen.

MAC Nocturnelle


The warmth in this true bronze shade makes it the most flattering shade on green eyes.

MAC Bronze Eyeshadow

Sumptuous Olive

In the pan, the colour looks just as the name describes - olive. However, once you start to apply this colour, you will notice it is more complex and is more of a duo chrome shade. The colours look like a mixture between antique gold, taupe, and olive and look as though I've applied several colours, all flattering shades for green eyes.

MAC Sumptuous Olive Eyeshadow


It is hard to describe the shade, and this is what makes it so great, so unique, and so subtle. When applied, it looks green, grey and brown combined. It has subtle shimmers, which make it versatile and easy to work with.

MAC Club Eyeshadow


Sable is a bronzy, plummy, brown. The cool-based brown with almost a purple shimmer I think this colour was made for pale eyed gals. It works perfectly as a one-wash wonder without the need to be paired with anything else.

MAC Sable Eyeshadow

Star Violet

This is really a nice colour, depending on the lighting it looks more burgundy or slightly brown. It's really the kind of colour that will bring out the green in your eyes, but it would look good on any eye colour. It's pigmented and easy to blend, and works beautifully with All that Glitters.

MAC Star Violet Eyeshadow


A gorgeous dark brown with a purple undertone. This is perfect to define your eyes and make green eyes pop, it’s extremely pigmented and lasts really well too.

MAC Embark Eyeshadow

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MAC neutral eyeshadows for green eyes

Naked Lunch

Naked Lunch is probably the most versatile, light peachy champagne colour. Perfect to add a touch of brightness to any eye look.

MAC Naked Lunch Eyeshadow


A beautiful mid-toned warm brown with a matte texture. This works well as a crease colour, blending colour, brow colour or even blended all over the eye for a gorgeous soft smokey effect. The warmth in this eyeshadow really makes green eyes pop.

MAC Cork Eyeshadow


It’s a great neutral alternative to brown and can be worn in a smokey eye as the base colour or a more natural eye in the crease. It’s a very subtle cool silvery purple and looks amazing on everyone.

MAC Shale Eyeshadow


A ‘soft golden beige with shimmer’, there’s a slight pink-tone to it but it’s got more of a sheen than a glitter which makes it every day appropriate.

MAC Era Eyeshadow

Satin Taupe

A minky taupey colour that crosses the lines of purple, grey and brown. It literally goes with everything.

MAC Satin Taupe Eyeshadow


Woodwinked is a beautiful medium golden bronze eyeshadow, not too yellow and extremely metallic.

MAC Woodwinked Eyeshadow


A gorgeous brown with gold sparkles, it gives a beautiful shimmer without being glittering. It’s a great eye shade for creating gold or bronzed looks.

MAC Tempting Eyeshadow

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