Best professional hairdryer

Hairdryers might flood the high street, but can they really match up to the professional hairdryers we see in the salons? They may cost a whole lot more, but they have unrivalled technology, here we pick out the best professional hairdryers.

Thankfully they’ve been made much more accessible for us to get our hands on them and we can get professional grade hairdryers in our home too.

Pick of the best professional hairdryer

Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic hair dryer

The Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic hair dryer uses innovative technology that combines heat control and air flow velocity to produce a product that makes hair supple, softer and shinier.

The sleek Italian design is just the clothing on this hair dryer: the real beauty is hidden inside, where technology delivers excellent performance in terms of heat, power, balance and noise. The technology is advanced, yet delicate enough to respect the hair’s wellbeing and reducing styling time thanks to the ionic-ceramic system, which increases hydration and shine.

The ionic ceramic system helps moisturise and enlighten the air that creates frizzy and dry hair and it also helps eliminate electrostatic charges that can damage different hair types.

This powerful hair dryer can straighten even the frizziest of hair in a short amount of time.

The stylish, contemporary design of the Elchim was pleasing to the eye, simple to navigate and comfortable to hold.

Elchim 3900 healthy ionic hair dryer review

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Hair Dryer

T3 have created a hair dryer you’ll be happy to use with their Featherweight Luxe 2i, it’s a revolution in hair care and the next generation in heat styling. The Luxe 2i’s engine is significantly more powerful, churning out 58 times more heat energy. (In company tests, the Featherweight Luxe 2i dried medium-textured hair in 7 minutes, versus the original’s 12 minutes.) Hair dries so fast that it not only doesn’t sustain damage (like a roughed-up cuticle or dried-out cortex), it’s also left in better shape than if you had never turned on the dryer. “This dryer is a game-changer,” says cosmetic chemist Jim Hammer. “You really will find that hair is healthier than if you allowed it to air-dry. In fact, because there is so much more heat in the air that is being pushed out of the dryer than other models I’ve seen, the smoothness and shine should last longer than if you used a regular dryer, too.”

Unlike the majority of Tourmaline styling tools, in which components are sprayed with a coating of Tourmaline that degrades over time, T3 products feature high quality, crushed gemstones which are integrated with the inner-workings of the dryer, so the healthy-hair benefits endure; the ion-enriched air generated by these components is then woven through the dryer at the ideal heat and speed before exiting in a wide, cone shape that dries large sections of hair quickly and healthily.

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Hair Dryer Review

H2D iR Ionic Hair Dryer

The H2D iR Ionic Hair Dryer is designed with you in mind, with everything from the ergonomic design so your arm doesn’t tire when you’re using it, the ionic generator and infrared heaters.

The hair dryer features an ionic generator which creates millions of negative ion particles, these particles seal cuticles, infuse moisture, eliminate frizz and provide that silky ‘just conditioned’ feel.

The in-built infrared heaters allow heat to penetrate deep into the cortex of the hair shaft. This relaxes each strand of hair and dries from within, reducing drying time even further.

The tangle brush you get free with this hair dryer is ideal for those who struggle brushing through damp hair as it won’t snag or pull on your hair; teasing through the tangles with ease.

h2d ir hair dryer

ghd Aura Hairdryer

Styling experts and scientists collaborated on its development and the result includes two teccy innovations. Laminair™ technology makes the air output more concentrated, allowing precision when working on one section of hair. This also aligns hair in a single way to grant more smoothness and shine. But before you worry that could leave it flat, the Cool-Wall™ technology allows you to get closer to the scalp giving increased root lift and volume, setting your style as it dries.

Adam Reed, influential stylist and ghd’s global brand ambassador says it’s pioneering. “I have been using ghd aura for some months and now I can’t imagine using anything else. I love it. It really has revolutionised what I am able to do with hair.”

It’s also lighter, quieter and uses less electrical energy than your average hairdryer which is a bonus, but what we really want to know is that it will actually make our hair look HOT.

The ghd Aura Professional lets you style while you dry, giving you speedy ultimate root-lifting volume and super smooth shine. With two breakthrough innovations in technology, ghd aura offers a truly new drying and styling experience that delivers the ultimate in luxurious volume and a smooth, shiny finish.

ghd Aura review

Parlux 3200 Compact hairdryer

The Parlux 3200 Compact Hair Dryer is without doubt, the most widely used professional hairdryer on the market today. With the introduction of the revolutionary K-Lamination motor it’s lighter, more durable and more powerful.

The Parlux 3200 Compact Hair Dryer has incredible power but weighs in at only 490 grams and measures a tiny 20cm, which helps in reducing operating fatigue – a common problem with heavier hairdryers.

This hairdryer comes with two professional concentrator nozzles which are used to prevent the hair flying in all directions.

All Parlux professional dryers are fitted as standard with three metre hairdryer cables, and feature a carefully crafted handle which has been designed for perfect balance, easy use and greater control of the dryer. Legendary Parlux reliability comes as standard.

It also comes in a variety of colours, which means you can choose the hairdryer that best suits your personality, whether that’s silver, black, red, pink, chocolate or purple. There’s also two special flowers printed editions which come in black or white.

Parlux 3200 Compact hairdryer review

Collexia hair dryer

The hairdryer has remained practically unchanged since its invention in the 1920s. A single fan blowing air over a heated element has been the design principle that all hairdryers have followed – until now. The Collexia is the dryer of the future, cutting down on drying time, is energy efficient and leaves hair in tip-top condition. But how does it differ from other high quality hairdryers on the market? The unique patented dual-fan system doubles the volume of airflow the dryer is able to produce. While other dryers have reduced drying times by increasing heat, the Collexia CHP Compact vastly improves drying time without excessive, hair-damaging heat – by up to 50%.

Collexia hair dryer review

Corioliss Coriolissimo hair dryer

Powerful yet lightweight, the Corioliss Coriolissimo Hair Dryer will leave you with silky soft hair in an instant. But don’t think that this powerful hair dryer will weigh down your arms, it weighs just 525g and the ergonomic design means it’s easy to use with buttons places in an easy way to change whilst you’re styling your hair.

With a 2500w motor and extreme velocity, it gives faster drying power and optimum styling control.

The unique technology includes excellent conductive properties which mean they distribute heat evenly over the entire dryer with no hot spots. This results in effortless styling with great looking results that last longer.

Negative Ion Technology eliminates static and frizz by neutralising positive (static) ions which can accumulate when brushing or styling, the result is soft, smooth and shiny hair that stays in place.

Corioliss Coriolissimo hair dryer review


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