Biggest animation movies of all time

Trolls lands in cinemas this week, and it looks set to be one of the biggest animation movies of the year. Just see all of the merchandise already available for it.

This year has already seen some changes to the top ten highest grossing animation movies of all time with Zootopia and Finding Dory landing themselves in the top ten.

Can Trolls make even more disruptions to the top ten?

The much-loved Trolls have been given a new lease of life for 2016 and the brand new comedy is packed with adventure and incredible music. Known for their crazy, colourful, and magical hair, Trolls are the happiest, most joyous creatures ever to burst into song. But their world of rainbows and cupcakes is changed forever, when their leader Poppy (Anna Kendrick,) must embark on a rescue mission that takes her far beyond the only world she’s ever known.

As Trolls hits cinemas this week we look at the biggest animation movies of all time

Still sitting at the top spot is Disney’s Frozen which grossed $1.27bn worldwide and only time will tell if another animation movie can manage to knock it off its perch.

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The top grossing animation movies of all time

1. Frozen $1.29 billion

Frozen reached its box office total through repeat viewings, and it spawned sing-along events at theatres that became the kiddie equivalent of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Since its release in 2013 Frozen has been the must-see, must-know every word of its film for young children. It was even named the most talked about film on Facebook in 2014.

The plethora of Frozen-themed birthday parties and little girls dressed up as Princess Elsa at Halloween should be a big hint to parents that their children are not about to “let it go” anytime soon.


2. Minions $1.16 billion

Minions is the spin-off from the popular Despicable Me movies, it follows three yellow minions who were recruited by super-villain Scarlett Overkill (Sandra Bullock) and her husband Herb (Jon Hamm) in a big to help them take over the world.

Minions has become the second biggest animation movie of all time

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3. Toy Story 3 $1.06 billion

Coming 11 years after Toy Story 2, moviegoers could have been forgiven for wondering what more the franchise could possibly have to say. However, critics and moviegoers alike were stunned to find that the third instalment was, in fact, the best of the series.

4. Zooptopia $1.02 billion

Zootropolis – called Zootropia in the U.S. – is the fifty-fifth feature from Disney and is the latest in a line of hits for the animation studio; following in the footsteps of Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, and Big Hero 6 in recent years.

Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Jared Bush were in the director’s chair while Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba, J.K. Simmons, Octavia Spencer, and Shakira were just some of the names that made up the impressive cast list.

Judy Hoops (Goodwin) is a small-town rabbit from Bunny Burrows who arrives in the big city to do some good as a cop – though usually ends up with traffic duty. When she meets sly scam artist Fox Nick Wilde (Bateman), the vibe is immediately hate-hate. But that chances when they need each other’s help.  Though they are natural enemies, the two must pair up to fight injustice.

Zootropolis characters Nick Wilde and Judy Hoops

Zootropolis characters Nick Wilde and Judy Hoops

5. Finding Dory £1.01 billion

The highly anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo, this time the story focused on the lovable, but forgetful blue fish Dory as she navigates the sea and a whole host of other places to find her parents.

The sequel remained at the top of the US box office for its first four weeks after scoring the biggest domestic opening for an animated movie ($136.2 million).

Pixar movies A-Z

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6. Despicable Me 2 $970 million

Released in 2010, the original Despicable Me took in $252 million. Naturally, this meant that there had to be a sequel, which was delivered to salivating children in the summer of 2013.

Adorable tykes across this great nation returned to the multiplexes to delight in the antics of Gru (Steve Carell) and the Minions, who could be seen gracing pyjamas, cookies and other merchandise everywhere you looked.

There’s a third film due next year, can it outdo Minions though?

7. The Lion King $968 million

A stone cold classic beloved by children for over 20 years – and maybe a few of their parents too – the 1994 movie inspired three video games and a musical now in its 18th year on Broadway.


8. Finding Nemo $940 million

The story of a lost clownfish from the Great Barrier Reef certainly tugs at heart strings and it’s definitely going to come to the forefront of our minds once again as Pixar get ready for the release of the sequel Finding Dory in 2016.

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9. Shrek 2 $919 million

Shrek 2 was released in 2004 and followed the adventures of the unsightly ogre and his newly betrothed wife Fiona. It parodies such well-known children’s stories as The Wizard of Oz and The Little Mermaid, and also introduced Puss in Boots, a swashbuckling Mexican cat voiced by Antonio Banderas.

It currently stands as the most popular film in the entire franchise, but the status of a much hinted-at fifth film remains shrouded in mystery.


10. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs $886 million

The third instalment of the Ice Age series is the highest grossing one too. The story has Sid being taken by a female Tyrannosaurus after stealing her eggs, leading the rest of the protagonists to rescue him in a tropical lost world inhabited by dinosaurs beneath the ice.

It was the first film in the series to be offered in 3D.

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