Biggest soap storylines of 2014

Soap storylines continue to amaze us, how much turmoil can one street, village or area take? A lot, according to those screen writers. As we get ready to leave 2014 behind, we round up the biggest soap storylines of 2014.

Tina McIntyre is killed in Coronation Street

Michelle Keegan announced that she would be leaving Coronation Street in 2014 after six years of playing Tina McIntyre, and whilst she was originally just going to be written out of the script, the writers changed their minds and ended things a bit more dramatically for Tina.

After discovering Rob Donovan’s scams she threatened to expose him, but instead he pushes her off the scaffolding on the builder’s yard balcony. She somehow manages to survive the fall and picks herself up, yelling at Rob that she’s going to expose him, so he finished the job by hitting her in the head.

Rob Donovan kills Tina McIntyre

Credit: ITV

Hayley Cropper’s assisted suicide in Coronation Street

Hayley Cropper was one of the long-standing Coronation Street characters and early on this year she died in an assisted suicide with husband Roy Cropper at her side. Hayley, played by Julia Hesmondhalgh has long been suffering from pancreatic cancer and in her final scenes she is seen drinking a lethal concoction and slowing passing away in her husband’s arms. The scenes were incredibly emotional and Julia played a great part in Hayley’s passing.

Hayley Cropper with Roy

Credit: ITV

Lucy Beale is murdered in Eastenders

Lucy Beale met her end this April when her body was found on Walford Common after a deliberate head injury, and thus ensued a long-running storyline of who killed Lucy, which is set to conclude in 2015. The identity of Lucy’s killer will be revealed in a live episode that’s set for February 2015.

Linda Carter is raped in Eastenders

Linda Carter’s rape storyline caused a number of complaints, but the storyline was told in orders to help victims who may have suffered their own sexual abuse. Queen Vic Landlady was raped by her nephew Dean Wicks who is played by Matt Di Angelo in disturbing scenes, that leaves Linda in the shower bleaching herself clean. Linda is consequently pregnant and her husband Mick Carter, played by Danny Dyer, is yet to find out about the attack.

Dean and Linda in Eastenders

Credit: BBC

Belle Dingle’s tough year in Emmerdale

Belle’s long-standing storyline has been a focus throughout 2014, which started in January with her accidentally killing her best friend Gemma Andrews. Belle pushes Gemma who falls and hits her head, Gemma gets back up but then Gemma is found the next day and rushed to hospital where she later dies.

Belle struggles with the guilt, and she later confesses to her involvement. She is found guilty and sentenced to three years, but then later appealed to have her sentence reduced to just one year. Belle struggles to adjust to normal life once she’s released and her behaviour turned more and more erratic. She was later attacked but won’t admit who attacked her and now she struggles with her mental state as she speaks to an imaginary version of her friend Gemma.

This has been a brilliant storyline throughout the year and Eden Taylor-Draper who plays Belle has played a terrific part in the soap.

Belle and Gemma in Emmerdale

Credit: ITV

Donna’s Cancer story in Emmerdale

After five years it was announced that the Verity Rushworth would return as Donna Windsor in the soap for five months. Donna made a return to the village in March with her daughter April, revealing to Marlon that he is in fact April’s father. It later came out that Donna is terminally ill with a type of lung cancer. In a bid to raise money for her daughter April, Donna uses her position as a police officer to commit crimes. The story culminated with Donna throwing herself and a criminal acquaintance from a multi-storey building.

Death of the McQueen sisters in Hollyoaks

The McQueen family were shaken this year with two deaths in a matter of weeks. In November, the show Hollyoaks –End of the Line aired which saw a wedding party take place on a train. A car derails the train and Carmel McQueen was killed in the wreckage after it exploded. Then just a week after her sister Carmel died, long-running Mercedes McQueen was brutally murdered. She was killed in the McQueen house by Freddie Roscoe.

Mercedes McQueen killed

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Maxine and Patrick’s domestic abuse in Hollyoaks

Nikki Sanderson and Jeremy Sheffield star as Maxine and Patrick in the Channel 4 soap and this year we saw the development of domestic abuse. Patrick was always controlling of Maxine, but things turned physical when he found out that she had slept with his son Dodger whilst they were separated. Things certainly escalated, and on their wedding day it was revealed to all that Maxine was being abused when Patrick ripped her dress to reveal her bruised arms. During the train crash story which killed off Carmel McQueen, Maxine gave birth to her baby girl with Patrick there to help, but instead of getting help for her Patrick left her to bleed to death and took the baby with him.

Maxine's brusies revealed in Hollyoaks

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