Celebrity Big Brother: What you need to know so far

Celebrity Big Brother has had quite the impactful start, dominating headlines in the media and cueing plenty of reaction on social media – but have you managed to miss the drama?

If you’re just joining the TV show now, which we think you should – there’s plenty of car crash TV to enjoy, we’ve rounded up what’s happened so far to help get you on board.

In the first week two housemates were ejected from the house, one left and there was a new addition to the line up, it’s been a tumultuous first week and we’ve enjoyed watching every minute of it.

Jeremy Jackson

Jeremy Jackson CBB

Jeremy was the first housemate to be removed from the house, and it came after a drunken evening which resulted in him pulling down another housemate’s dressing gown and revealing her bare breast without her consent.

The 34 year old made his name in America in the mid 90s when he appeared in Baywatch, since then he’s been making headlines in American tabloid magazines and that’s about it.

Jeremy was given a police caution for common assault and he says he’s apologised to Chloe Goodman and her family.

Ken Morely

Ken Morley CBB

Ken was the second housemate to be removed from the Big Brother house and this came from a series of offensive comments made by the Coronation Street star.

Ofcom received complaints about his ‘racist and sexual language’.

The 71 year old was formally warned about the language he used during conversations with singer Alexander O’Neal and he also made sexually suggestive comments towards the female contestants, most notably saying he was going to hang around in the bathroom to have a look at the best bums.

Alexander O’Neal

Alexander ONeal CBB

Alexander was the housemate who walked out of the house on Saturday evening after growing tensions with Perez Hilton.

The American singer was given a formal warning for using homophobic language towards the celebrity blogger and since then things were tense in the house to say the least.

He didn’t tell anyone he would be leaving the house, but left the remaining housemates a message:

“To all my housemates, I’ve had a great experience with you guys and I have mad love for almost all of you.

“I want you guys not to be sad that I’m leaving and to not let my departure interrupt your experience.”

The majority of the housemates were saddened by his departure, and have since took to alienating Perez because they believe he’s the reason Alexander walked.

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton CBB

It’s been a busy time in the house for Perez Hilton, there’s been plenty of arguments and drama, a scene in which he acted out intercourse with a mirror in the garden.

The blogger believed the British public loved him, but after Friday’s eviction and hearing the crowd chant ‘Get Perez out’ he’s been knocked down a peg or two.

Chloe Goodman

Chloe Goodman CBB

Chloe was the first housemate to actually be evicted by the public, and it looks to be that way for a little while longer, the next eviction has been cancelled due to Alexander’s departure.

The 21 year old was at the centre of the scandal with Jeremy Jackson, had numerous arguments with Perez, and formed a close bond with Cami Li in the house, but she admits she’s happy not to live with Perez any longer.

We expect to see the former Page 3 girl pop up in magazines a plenty now that she’s left the house.

Katie Price

Katie Price CBB

Just minutes after Chloe was booted out by the public, Katie Price entered the house and was visibly nervous.

The model admits that she was nervous to be joining the group of housemates who had spent the week arguing.

When asked why she signed up Katie said: “There is always a price for Pricey and the price was right.”

It’s rumoured she’s been given a six-figure sum for her appearance on the reality show.

Whilst there was plenty of speculation that her entrance would cause drama but we’ve yet to see that, but of course she’s been upfront about the cheating scandal with her husband and best friend of 20 years and her recent breast operations – we’re certain there’s plenty more to come from the 36 year old.

And with reports that Jeremy Kyle is set to appear in the house, we expect the best is yet to come from the Twisted Fairytale.

All images are credited to Channel 5