Clarins Lisse Minute review

Clarins Lisse Minute review smooth, perfected skin as the perfect base for your makeup? The Clarins Lisse Minute is the product you need in your arsenal.

The award-winning makeup primer, Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch from Clarins, is the perfect combination of make-up and skincare. With an ultra-light, ultra-smooth texture it glides on skin, leaving an imperceptible veil on its surface, filling in and smoothing away the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores.

The Formulation

A silky-textured, oil-free, pale pink paste which, upon application, forms an invisible veil over the skin. It is suitable for all skin types and can be used alone or under foundation. The very light texture ensures that skin is not overloaded and is able to breathe. Your skin is left ‘foundation ready’.

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The Packaging

A small, red glass pot with a plastic screw-top lid. It comes complete with a spatula so you can decant the product hygienically, much better than having to stick your fingers in the pot. The best thing is, there’s zero waste. The wide neck means every last remnant can be scraped from the jar. (Note: Due to the consistency of this formulation, a pump dispenser or tube was not a practical packaging option.)

Clarins Lisse Minute review

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How It Works

When applied to the face, Acacia Micro-Pearls expand in response to the natural moisture levels in the skin and plump out imperfections, resulting in a visibly smoothed complexion. Soft-focus pigments give the skin a subtle glow, and Vitamin E and plant extracts offer anti-aging protection. The primer can be used all over the face, but you can also just apply it to the areas that you need it, you’ll find you won’t be ‘wasting’ as much product then and you’ll get more for your money in that sense.

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Instantly calms skin, hydrating, anti ageing, suits every skin tone and skin type, lasts all day

Clarins Lisse Minute review


Expensive product, heavy jar, not particularly hygienic if you don’t use the spatula it comes with

Buy now on Amazon for £23.63

Bottom Line

This product is the perfect marriage of make-up and skincare, providing you with a spectacular beauty effect. It’s magical melting, invisible texture works to perfectly smooth the skin by leaving an invisible veil over its surface. Wrinkles, fine lines and pores are virtually unnoticeable once this wonder-product is applied, giving you a flawless complexion for your foundation.

Skin is left smoother, moisturised and even-toned, a little of this product goes a long way and it’s something you’ll keep going back to, we can’t imagine not having this in makeup routine now.

Clarins Lisse Minute review

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How to apply the Clarins Lisse Minute

Cleanse, tone and moisturise your face as normal. Take a small amount of Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch on the spatula provided, and with the fingertips apply a fine layer to the areas concerned, wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores.

Truly, less is more, A pea-sized amount of product will be enough to cover your entire face. Lisse Minute can be used alone or under makeup.

Clarins Lisse Minute review

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Tonic Body Treatment Oil, Eau Dynamisante, Extra-Firming, Double Serum, Body Shaping Cream, Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, Instant Smooth… Clarins, a company that has a long list of iconic products for over 60 years, which are constantly improved thanks to an innate sense of listening to women and sustainable innovation. It is a Parisian beauty spa that became No. 1 in Europe for high-end skin care products. Clarins is a company defined by its unique expertise in plants and respectful of biodiversity; using the best plants in their optimal concentration, combining nature, science and respect to always create more efficient and distinct products. They also have an innovative approach to efficient beauty, which contributes to well-being, balance and happiness, that which seamlessly combines products and targeted application methods. Clarins is a French family brand that reveals the natural beauty of women across the globe. Clarins, it’s all about you.

Buy now on Amazon for £23.63

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