The best double chin creams to reduce and remove

Double chins, whether the result of being overweight or ageing, never look flattering, and there are plenty of tricks we try to hide them. But here’s the best double chin creams to try instead.

Whether you prefer to wear a high neck top or scarves, even throughout the summer heat, these creams will help to target your double chin and give the skin there some firmness and tightness.

The extra layer of fatty tissue under the chin is most often caused by being overweight. But sagging skin under the chin can also occur as we age and skin loses elasticity. For some people it can all come down to genetics, that’s when it’s harder to get rid of.

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Creams To Help Get Rid Of A Double Chin

If you have a double chin that’s the cause of being overweight it might be helpful to look at your eating habits and how much movement you do. Losing just a stone in weight can make a big difference to your health.

While there are surgical procedures that can eliminate a double chin, they can be expensive and invasive. If surgery isn’t an option you might want to try one of these double chin creams.

These creams are applied to the neck and chin, and sometimes the décolletage, and help to tighten the skin helping to reduce the double chin, wrinkles on the neck and the chest too.

Invaluable beauty tip for reducing a double chin

This beauty tip is something that we should all be doing, and it doesn’t cost anything either. It’s imperative that you use your moisturisers on your neck and chest too if you ‘forget’ about these areas in your beauty routine it’ll come back to haunt you in later years.

Creams To Help Get Rid Of A Double Chin

But more importantly, when applying cream to the area, always work in an upward motion. Don’t drag the skin down when you rub creams in, use upward strokes.

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The best double chin creams

Creams To Help Get Rid Of A Double Chin Thinny Thin Chin Neck Firming Cream

The neck tends to show signs of ageing faster than the face, so bliss thinny thin chin neck firming cream has been specially formulated to help save your neck. Advanced botanical age fighters hydrate, smooth, firm and protect whilst dual action tighteners provide immediate and long-term collagen maintenance. Sunflower seed moisturises and nourishes dry skin and evening primrose combats free radical damage and brightens to leave your neck looking in tip top condition.

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Creams To Help Get Rid Of A Double Chin Henriksen UltimateLIFT Neck Creme

Helping to firm and tighten the delicate skin on the neck area, this Ole Henriksen UltimateLIFT Neck Creme is a powerful, dual action crème that specifically targets this fragile area and sculpts it to perfection. Working hard to both tighten and hydrate, this crème plumps the skin from the inside out with a lightweight, protective barrier and visibly lifts the skin with a gravity defying complex of copper tripeptide and botanical collagen stimulators.

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Creams To Help Get Rid Of A Double Chin Lauder New Dimension Tighten and Tone Neck/Chest Treatment

Rediscover youthful-looking skin with Estée Lauder’s New Dimension Tighten and Tone Neck/Chest Treatment, an innovative anti-ageing cream that plumps and moisturises slackened uneven skin.

Working to transform your body, the pro-collagen formula utilises multi-level Shaping Technology to resist gravity’s pull, smoothing and firming the look of skin for a more even-toned, youthful appearance. Its toning properties perform a tightening effect on the chest and neck area, plumping out signs of ageing whilst effectively brightening for youthful radiance.

Complete with a massager to energise and uplift the skin.

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Creams To Help Get Rid Of A Double Chin Chin Tuck

Firm your jawline with the Chin Tuck from skinChemists. Designed to fight sagging skin whilst protecting and stimulating collagen fibres, it’s formulated with Laracare2000, a gentle, natural ingredient which plumps and moisturises the skin to leave it feeling supple, whilst PerphaTight strengthens the delicate neck area to make it less prone to sagging over time.

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Creams To Help Get Rid Of A Double Chin Labs Vexum SL Double Chin Reducer

Banish that unsightly double chin with DS Laboratories Vexum SL Double Chin Reducer. This clinically proven formula causes the skin to tighten almost immediately to reduce the appearance of double chins and restore the contours of the upper neck.

DS Laboratories Vexum SL Double Chin Reducer significantly minimises the thickness of the skin around the chin area and prevents the further growth of double chins. This breakthrough formula tightens facial skin almost immediately, with 76% of users reporting an effect after a mere five minutes. This advanced, high-performance gel is suitable for both men and women, and can even put off looming facelift surgery.

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Creams To Help Get Rid Of A Double Chin’Oreal Paris Dermo Expertise Revitalift Face Contours and Neck Re-Support Cream

Specifically formulated to be kind to the part of the skin that is most exposed to external elements, L’Oreal Revitalift Face Contours And Neck will support brittle fibres of skin and refine definition.

Conveniently quick absorbing, L’Oreal Revitalift Face Contours And Neck combats sagging skin by concentrating an intense blend of elastin and vita fibrine to improve the appearance of creases, making your complexion more plumped as well as softly supple.

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Creams To Help Get Rid Of A Double Chin Rejuvenating Lift for neck and décolleté

An anti-ageing neck and décolleté cream to nourish, firm and smooth the skin. Retinyl palmitate refines the skin’s texture and plumps collagen. Bearberry and liquorice root extracts lighten, brighten and even skin tone to reduce the appearance of age spots and discolouration whilst a natural botanical blend helps to improve the skin’s elasticity and suppleness.

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Creams To Help Get Rid Of A Double Chin Neck Cream

This concentrated formula is meant to correct saggy and loose skin found around the neck and chin. Additional benefits claimed by the manufacturer include the ability to even out skin tone and smooth out wrinkles. Ingredients include yeast, rye seed extract, sweet almond seed extract, soy protein and dimethicone. The manufacturer recommends that you use the cream twice a day after cleansing the skin. Massage using upwards strokes until it is completely absorbed. Wait at least two to three minutes before applying any other skin care products.

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