Ego Evolve Hair Dryer review

The Ego Evolve is the evolution of the famous Alter Ego hair dryer, but of course it’s been amped up for your hair needs and has become the must-have from Ego Professional.

Ego Evolve comes with over 144 combinations, demonstrating that it really is about technology before technique, as well as that, this hair dryer has 12 adjustable heat, speed, condition and cool shot setting for added power, volume, softness and shine, reducing frizz and risk of heat damage for a truly lasting style.

Dry your hair to suit your mood, and we doubt you’ll ever be disappointed with the end result after using the Ego Evolve hair dryer.

Ego Evolve hair dryer review

Ego Evolve hair dryer Features

  • Far Infrared HW2 technology for 60% faster drying
  • Tourmaline infused for frizz-free smoothness and shine
  • Slim nozzle for concentrated styling
  • Ceramic infused diffuser for root lift
  • 12 adjustable heat and speed settings
  • 2000W
  • Cool shot button
  • 8m salon-length cable
  • Supplied with a UK plug 230v


Ego Evolve Design

This more advanced version of Ego Professional's famous Alter Ego hairdryer features all of the original's best bits but now sports a range of settings.

The Evolve hair dryer has more than 144 combinations dependant on your desired style, and it means you can tailor the hair tool exactly to your needs. Going in with the fastest and hottest heat setting will just frazzle your hair if you don’t really need it.

As with all Ego Professional styling tools, the brand has used their unique technology of combining naturally occurring mineral-laden earth Hwango and Tourmaline Red Pine Forest in Korea. This formulates their trademark 'HW2' technology which plays the key role in preventing static and frizz, drying whilst retaining moisture, and keeping hair healthy as well as drying it in the fastest time possible without harm. For amazing results they combine HW2 with the best quality crushed Tourmaline gems which emit infrared heat and negative ions (which evaporate excess water), making the heat much gentler on the hair during styling for a shinier and less frizzy finish. The tourmaline gem also enables the hair to endure much higher levels of heat without creating damage.

Ego Evolve includes a slim nozzle for accurate styling and a Ceramic infused diffuser for maximum root lift. More power, more volume and sensational shine and softness, Ego Evolve is the go-to hairdryer for the style savvy and is suitable for all hair types.

Ego EVOLVE Hairdryer 4


Complete with 12 adjustable settings to alter the heat, speed, conditioning and cool shot, this ultra-advanced update on the brand's original Alter Ego Hairdryer features a hi-tech LCD screen and over 144 setting combinations to suit your targeted style. It quite literally is the hair dryer for everyone because you can tailor it to suit every hair type.

Ego Evolve hair dryer Summary

The Ego Professional Evolve hair dryer is the evolution of the mush-loved Alter Ego hair dryer – and it’s got a whole lot more must-have.

This hair dryer dries hair up to 60% faster than traditional hair dryers by utilising a combination of advanced technology that improves hair quality and manageability, sealing in moisture to hair during styling whilst eliminating static, frizz and flyaways.

Ego EVOLVE Hairdryer 5

Negative ions evaporate excess water for faster, healthier hair drying with a boost of radiant shine. And thanks to the 12 adjustable heat, speed, conditioning and cool shot settings you can tailor this hair tool exactly to your needs.

The Ego Evolve hair dryer allows power, volume, softness, shine, less frizz, less risk of heat damage and long-lasting style. It’s the hair dryer you need in your tool kit, something you’ll never be disappointed in. The Ego Evolve may be a little pricey, but you get exactly what you pay for with this tool and that’s drying, conditioning and styling all in one.

Ego Professional

Ego Professional is a unique hair styling tool brand which prides itself on the creation of innovative HW2 technology, drawn from the mineral-rich earth in the mountainous pine forests of Korea. This 4000 year old earth emits negative ions, anions and infra-red rays which ego Professional then work into their products to reduce static, retain moisture and strip away toxins. Also infused with the cuticle soothing power of the precious stone tourmaline for a long lasting smooth texture, this range of styling tools is all you need to achieve stunning results every time.

Ego Evolve hair dryer review

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