Emily Blunt’s best movies

This week sees the release of The Huntsman Winter’s War, and it’s got an all star cast with Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Jessica Chastain and Emily Blunt all starring – with that in mind we take a look through Emily Blunt’s best movies.

The Huntsman Winter’s War is the sequel story to Snow White and the Huntman, but there’s no sign of Snow White in this film. Instead, Freya (Blunt), a young queen who can freeze her enemies in ice, learns of the demise of her sister, the evil Ravenna (Theron), so she summons her soldiers to recover the Magic Mirror. After resurrecting Ravenna, the two wicked sisters amass a seemingly indestructible army that threatens the kingdom. Only the skills of Eric (Hemsworth) and Sara (Chastain), two warriors who defied Freya by falling in love, can save this enchanted land from the forces of darkness.

But before you head to see the film, which is out now, we thought we’d take a look back at Emily Blunt’s best movies – but we have a feeling there’s plenty more to be added to the list with the release of The Girl on the Train later this year, and of course it’s recently been announced that Blunt will take on the iconic role of Mary Poppins in the remake.

The Huntsman Winter’s War is in cinemas now TheFuss.co.uk

The Huntsman Winter’s War

Emily Blunt’s best movies


Directed by Denis Villeneuve Sicario stars Blunt as Kate Macy, an idealistic FBI agent who is enlisted by a government task force to help them in their plan to take down the brutal leader of a Mexican drug cartel. As she’s thrown into the lawless border between the United States and Mexico, Kate – insecure in her own abilities to take on such a dangerous task – must question everyone (including co-stars Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro) and everything in order to survive. Blunt keeps things on the right side of reality as Sicario’s most believable character, carefully balancing her performance between defiance and vulnerability, physicality and emotion. It’s a tough act to get right but she’s bang on target: from chugging beers and slugging her superiors to worrying about the consequences of her actions and inactions, Kate remains wholly credible.

Sicario made the list of many best movies of 2015, and a lot of that was certainly down to Blunt’s performance in the gritty thriller.

The Devil Wears Prada

While Anne Hathaway might have nabbed the bigger role in the hit fashion comedy, it was Blunt as her snippy rival who emerged as the bigger star. Delivering catty lines with almost as much nastiness as Meryl Streep herself, it was the film that truly launched her career in Hollywood, as well as being a critical and commercial success.

Emily Blunt's best movies TheFuss.co.uk

Emily Blunt
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One of the many masterstrokes in Rian Johnson’s smart sci-fi thriller was casting Blunt as a tough single mother living on a remote farm and dealing with a son who has terrifying powers. She nails both the accent and the grit required for the role, while also selling the emotional beats when the film unexpectedly changes tack. It also proved her action credentials, which led to …

Edge of Tomorrow

Blunt first proved she makes for one badass action hero in the thriller Edge of Tomorrow, which saw her star alongside Tom Cruise. Her portrayal as the sword-wielding, heavy metal fighter Rita – an unexpected part for Blunt – earned high critical praise. In addition to boasting a great performance for Blunt, the movie, which currently holds a 90% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, also served as a rare example of a well-executed action project with a legitimately great female hero at its centre.

From start to finish, Edge of Tomorrow is an action packed movie that has some interesting central characters and a really exciting, intelligent, and tight script. This is more than a mindless blockbuster and should be the template for which a lot of the summer movies are modelled as it delivered on every level.

The Young Victoria

Blunt continued to make a name for herself after the success of The Devil Wears Prada with Sunshine Cleaning and Charlie Wilson’s War, before landing the role of Queen Victoria in The Young Victoria in 2009. The Young Victoria was one of Blunt’s biggest lead roles of her career to date as she teamed up with director Jean-Marc Vallée while Julian Fellowes had penned the screenplay.

Blunt perfectly captured the strength and the vulnerability of the young queen. Blunt shines from start to finish and she remains one of the greatest big screen monarchs of recent years.Blunt and the script beautifully bring together the political and personal threads of the story to make this woman an incredibly well rounded and interesting character. The Young Victoria is a movie that is rich in political intrigue, personal drama and relationships with great performances from Blunt and Rupert Friend.

The movie went on to be nominated for three Oscars, going on to win Best Costume Design.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Blunt once again makes for an enormously appealing lead in this quirky 2012 romantic drama. She stars opposite Ewan McGregor, as a businesswoman seeks the help of a fisheries scientist to bring sport fishing to Yemen. It’s a charming film, made all the more so by Blunt’s nuanced portrayal and sparkling chemistry with McGregor. The performance earned a Golden Globe nomination in 2013.

The Huntsman Winter’s War is out now

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