Fitbit Surge review

The Fitbit Zip is the most simple of all the Fitbit technology and the Surge is on the other end of the spectrum, boasting a huge number of design features to give you a comprehensive overview of your day-to-day activity, heart rate and sleep too.

The Fitbit Surge possesses GPS tracking, real-time workout stats and a heart rate monitor. Not only that, but it’s stepped up specs and touchscreen LCD make it a more luxurious piece of technology, and with that of course comes a steeper price. Here’s why we think it’s worth it though.

Fitbit Surge Features

  • Monitor your heart rate, activity and sleep
  • GPS Tracking – see distance, pace and elevation climbed and review routes and split times
  • Long battery life – lasting longer than competing trackers with a battery life of 7+ days
  • PurePulse Heart Rate – get continuous, automatic, wrist-based heart rate & simplified heart rate zones
  • Notifications and Music – see call and text notifications on display and control songs from your mobile playlist
  • All-day activity – track sets, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes
  • Auto sleep and alarms – monitor your sleep automatically and set a silent alarm
  • Multi-sport and SmartTrack – Track runs, rides and other workouts with multi-sport modes or automatically record them with SmartTrack
  • Wireless syncing – sync stats wirelessly and automatically to leading smartphones and computers
  • Water resistant up to 5 ATM

Fitbit Surge Review

Box Contains

  • 1 x Fitbit Surge Tracker
  • 1 x Charging cable
  • 1 x Wireless USB dongle
  • 1 x Free Fitbit account

Fitbit Surge Design

The Fitbit Surge is the most advanced in the Fitbit range, and with that comes a larger LCD display on your wrist, which is able to easily cycle through multiple stats. The backlit, always-on interface allows you to keep tabs on your steps, miles, active minutes and heart rate on a black-and-white, 1.25-inch screen.

Of course, this all means the design is a little bigger compared to other Fitbit designs. But one big plus is the new watch clasp, which is much more preferred to the Fitbit Flex and Charge two-pronged clasp design, as it’s much easier to close. This watch clasp is also available on the Fitbit Charge HR.

Fitbit Surge Review

The Fitbit Surge is available in three colour designs, Black, Blue and Tangerine. And tucked underneath the watch band is an optical heart-rate monitor. There are three watch straps sizes ranging from small (14-16cm), large (16-20cm), x-large (20-23cm), so there's a fit for pretty much for most.

If you look at the Surge side on, you'll notice that it has a sloping body to pack in the GPS sensor. Fitbit opted for a monochrome display; the screen is always-on and there's a built-in backlight, which can be operated via the touchscreen when you're working out at night. Screen responsiveness is very sensitive so underneath a shirt or jumper it can have a habit of turning on features when you don't want it to. Overall it offers good visibility and enough screen estate to glance down mid workout and get a good sense of progress.

Along with the touchscreen, there's also three physical buttons. The one on the left launches the exercise tracking. The two on the right are essentially your action buttons letting you start, stop and end a workout. They can also work with the smartwatch and music playback modes.

Fitbit Surge Review


Solid battery life, constant heart rate monitoring, altimeter, accurate step tracking, easy to read screen, classic watch clasp, built in GPS


Occasional syncing issues, poor data analysis, erratic heart rate during run, chunky, poor sleep tracking, weaker battery life, not completely accurate

Fitbit Surge Review

Bottom Line

The Surge solves some of Fitbit's problems with better food and sleep tracking, while adding GPS and heart rate monitoring to the mix.

The Surge has been labelled a 'super watch' but it gives you so much more than just the time as it delivers real-time fitness stats right on your wrist including steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, stairs climbed and active minutes. The built-in heart rate monitor lets you see how hard you've been pushing yourself.

Modes such as Free Run and Lap Run use GPS to track your location, so you (or anyone you share data with) can see the exact route you took afterwards.

It also provides details about your sleep, helping you decide if an early night is required, with a handy vibrating alarm to gently wake you up in the morning.

Fitbit Surge Review

Buy the Fitbit Surge RRP £199.99



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