Fitbit Zip review

Miniscule, yet effective, Fitbit Zip certainly does meet the needs of anyone looking for a good quality fitness tracker at an affordable price.

Get yourself moving more when you start to track your steps, the distance you cover and the calories you burn with this handy little tracker.

The Fitbit Zip automatically syncs your data to your Fitbit account, and whether you’re using online or through the app, you can set goals and stay motivated to keep on your path to fitness goals with graphs, badges and a little friendly competition.

Fitbit Zip Features

  • Tracks steps, distance and calories burned
  • HWD: 3.6 x 2.8 x 0.97cm
  • Syncs automatically to your computer or select Bluetooth 4.0 smart phone or tablet
  • Set goals, view progress and earn badges
  • Share and compete with friends throughout the day
  • Free iPhone and Android app
  • Sync stats wirelessly and automatically to your computer and over 150 leading smartphones
  • Small and discreet – wear in your pocket, on your belt or bra
  • Sweat, rain and splash proof
  • Replaceable battery lasts 4-6 months with regular use

Fitbit Zip review

Fitbit Zip Design

The Fitbit Zip is small and discreet, with dimensions of 3.6 x 2.8 x 0.97cm, and lacks buttons. The pedometer is all face, and with each tap of the touch screen, you’ll see the step counter, a clock, your distance, the calories burned and an emoticon to indicate your progress towards your goal.

There’s certainly a decent amount of information available to you on the small tracker, but it must be noted that you can only see one part of the information at a time, until at least you sync it to your Fitbit account.

The Zip comes with a small case with a clip to keep it secure wherever you attach it to during the say, and it’s small enough and light enough to be placed on belt loops or your bra.

It’s also available in five colour options, and the battery can last between four to six months with regular use. The Fitbit Zip runs on a replaceable 3V coin battery, which can be found in most supermarkets. When the battery drops below 25%, a low battery indicator will show on the display of your Zip, as well as on your profile.

Fitbit Zip review


Tiny. Inexpensive. Counts steps, miles walked, calories burned. Runs on a watch battery; no charging. Wireless syncing to Fitbit Web account or app.


The Fitbit Zip has quite a small screen, there’s no altimeter (stair climbing) information and it doesn’t monitor sleep.

Bottom Line

The Fitbit Zip is fuss free, fun and it definitely encourages you to get moving. The mobile app gives you a clear picture of your activity and progress based on your personalised profile. The size is a huge benefit too, because it goes completely unnoticed. The Fitbit Zip blend tech-y features like Bluetook syncing, a touch screen and a mobile app with a simple design, a lightweight and bold look.

Fitbit Zip review

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Fitbit Zip review

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