Great British Bake Off betting suspended

If you were looking to put some money on your expectant winner of Great British Bake Off you’re out of look, Ladbrokes have suspended betting.

The bookmaker announced it had stopped taking wagers after a flurry of unusual activity on the BBC cooking show which returned to our screens last night.

Fears that the winners name could have accidentally been released mean that betting has been suspended.

The bookmaker noticed suspicious play on one contestant, whose odds started at 12/1 and were reduced to 6/1, 3/1 and then evens.

A spokesman said: “When you see a run of bets like this for one contestant at the expense of everyone else, that can be a sign to suspend betting for a bit to assess the situation, and that’s exactly what we did.”

Many of the bets were placed in shops around Ipswich, although the contestant is not known to have links to the town.

Several of the wagers were the maximum the bookies would take for the show, and 90% were placed on one contestant.

Ladbrokes said that several customers came in and asked to place the highest bet possible on one contestant which raised suspicion.

The suspension will not affect bets already placed.

William Hill have been contacted by a number of their customers asking to place bets on a GBBO contestant this morning. As it stands, William Hill are not offering a market on the BBC programme as it is a pre-recorded show, where a large number of people will know the eventual outcome and therefore the winner.

“In the past we have opened the betting for 24hrs before the final, offering low maximum stakes so that our customers could prove their prowess at picking the winner,” said William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams. “I think it is unlikely we will do this now, although you might find that the reported gamble was misjudged and they have chosen the wrong contestant.”

If they were offering odds on the programme their compiling team believe that the front-runners would be Marie, Nadiya, Alvin, Flora and Tamal. Who do you think?

Even though the name won’t be revealed, we can guarantee it won’t be Stuart Henshall as he was the first contestant to be booted off the show.

Stuart Henshall was the first contestant to be eliminated  from GBBO

Stuart Henshall was the first contestant to be eliminated
Image credit: BBC

Professional musician Stuart failed to impress judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry with his experimental take on a Black Forest Gateau, which he made using beetroot.

The 35-year-old’s Madeira cake was also a letdown and he struggled in the technical challenge.

Henshall admitted it was a disappointment to be the first of the 12 eliminated.

“My worst moment was definitely being the first to go out, after the excitement of getting there; somebody has to go first and overall it has been a great experience, without a doubt,” he said.

“I felt disappointed in myself initially after leaving in the first episode, as I felt I didn’t perform as well as I could. I just hope I don’t disappoint people in my life – but it’s onwards and upwards!”

There was more drama though when Dorret Conway was left sobbing after her black forest gateau collapsed.

The 53-year-old contestant could barely continue in the competition after her showstopper challenge cake collapsed when her mouse failed to set, leaving her Bake Off dreams in tatters.

Viewers watched as Dorret had trouble firming her mousse up, putting her cake into the fridge in the hopes that it would all come together.

But sadly it was not to be and after she constructed her gateau in the acetate, she pulled away the cake tin and her creation oozed out of the bottom.

An emotional Dorret then began to sob as her cake fell apart. “I can’t believe this is actually happening,” she said as the other contestants began to notice the disaster befalling her.

As Sue Perkins attempted to build her back up and get her to focus on salvaging what was left of her cake, Dorret began to sob that ‘nothing’ could be done and that there was ‘every reason’ to get upset.