H2D iR Ionic Hair Dryer review

Let the H2D ionic hair dryer rapidly dry your hair without the fear of completely damaging your hair thanks to the salon-strength power of the ionic technology and infrared heating.

Buy now and join the growing number of top stylists and home users who have upgraded to H2D.

Features of the H2D ionic hair dryer

  • Ionic generator
  • Infrared heaters
  • Choice of two different speed settings
  • Two heat settings
  • Cold shot button
  • Includes a concentrator nozzle, free diffuser and H2D tangle brush
  • Ergonomic design
  • Extra-long life professional AC motor

H2D iR Ionic Hair Dryer review TheFuss.co.uk


The H2D iR Ionic Hair Dryer is designed with you in mind, with everything from the ergonomic design so your arm doesn’t tire when you’re using it, the ionic generator and infrared heaters.

The hair dryer features an ionic generator, these produce negative ions, which help to stop frizz, leave the hair moisturised, and give hair a gorgeously silky look.

Another great design feature is the inbuilt infrared heater, this is a little more technical, where it allows the hair to be dried from within, which means it will dry even quicker.

The tangle brush you get free with this hair dryer is ideal for those who struggle to brush through damp hair as it won’t snag or pull on your hair; teasing through the tangles with ease.

H2D iR Ionic Hair Dryer review TheFuss.co.uk


There are a choice of two different speed settings, and then two different heat settings on the H2D iR Ionic Hair Dryer and a cold shot button too.

H2D iR Ionic Hair Dryer review TheFuss.co.uk

H2D ionic hair dryer Summary

The H2D iR Ionic Hair Dryer is a fully loaded and fully functional hairdryer, with a salon-quality performance that comes nicely boxed and with professional accessories that only further help your styling needs.

With this hair dryer your hair is dried extra-fast leaving it light, smooth and silky soft with a diamond shine. If you want hair that looks and feels simply beautiful with less drying time, then the H2D iR is the hair tool for you.

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