Instyler Ionic Ceramic Rotating Iron review

The Instyler is the ultimate hair styling tool, it straightens, polishes and styles hair all in one. The styling and straightening tool is set to make you wonder how you ever lived without it.

The Instyler polishes hair strands individually, and allows you to get amazing results that will make you question you using your hair straighteners, curling tongs or other hot tools again.

Get great hair results without the need for extreme heat or heavy styling products with the Instyler Ceramic Rotating Iron.

Instyler Ionic Ceramic Rotating Iron Features

  • The only tool that straightens, curls, adds volume and shine
  • 48% better styling results that the original InStyler
  • Ranked #1 vs. The leading US Flat Iron and Curling Iron for straightening, fighting frizz and creating shine
  • Rapid heat up
  • Three heat settings
  • Auto safety shut off
  • Tourmaline ceramic coated smoothing plate
  • 12 month warranty
  • Ionic bristles to separate and align the hair

Instyler Ionic Ceramic Rotating Iron review

What’s in the box?

  • Instyler Ionic Ceramic unit
  • Thermal Shield
  • Heat Mat
  • User manual
  • Quick start guide

Instyler Ionic Ceramic Rotating Iron review

Instyler Ionic Ceramic Rotating Iron Design

The Instyler Ionic Ceramic Rotating Iron is a totally new styling tool that straightens, curls, or adds volume.

The secret to the Instyler lies in its rotating heated polishing cylinder, along with four rows of precision-aligned bristles.

A thermal shield, which snaps easily into place on your Instyler, protects your skin from the heat.

When you run the InStyler through your hair, the first set of bristles gently sorts and separates each individual hair strand. Then the rotating heating polishing cylinder gently glides over your hair, smoothly polishing, straightening and styling each strand. Finally the second set of bristles puts the finishing touch on your hair, leaving you with shiny, silky, gorgeous hair.

And because of the patented design of the Instyler, your hair won’t get crushed and baked by the super-intense heat of normal hair straighteners or curling tongs. In fact, the InStyler uses less heat than traditional hot tools - and still manages to get salon-worthy results. That’s because the gentle heat works together with the rotating motion of the polishing cylinder to polish and care for your hair strands one by one, so it doesn’t need extreme heat to get hair that is shinier, bouncier and full of lift and life.

Instyler Ionic Ceramic Rotating Iron review


The Instyler Ionic Ceramic Rotating Iron has three heat settings, designed for different hair types. The high setting is 195 °C which is ideal for thick, coarse hair, the medium setting 157 °C udeal for thin-to-medium textured hair and the low setting 140 °C ideal for thin, fine hair. The unit will start on high, and you press the power button again to reduce the heat. The LED bars will flash while reaching head, once the temperature is reached, the LED bars will stay lit.

Instyler Ionic Ceramic Rotating Iron Summary

The Instyler does much more than you’d normally expect from your straighteners. You can get lift and fullness right from the root or a sexy flick in seconds. You can straighten even the toughest, most coarse hair and still get fullness and style, without the stick-straight ‘flatness’ of straighteners.

Once you work out how the InStyler works with your hair, you’ll get salon-worthy results every time.

Instyler Ionic Ceramic Rotating Iron review

Top tip: Your instinct will be to glide the InStyler through the hair quickly, but you will achieve much better results by going slowly. Even though you’re moving the unit slower, you will still get results faster than using a curling iron or a flat iron. The unique rotating barrel does most of the work for you.  Experiment with it and be creative. You will quickly see what this innovative tool can do.

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How to use your InStyler

  • Before using your InStyler, you should always start with clean, dry hair.
  • You should also detangle first with a brush or comb, and all sections should be combed out for optimal results and shine.
  • Sections of hair to be styled should be no wider than the length of the InStyler barrel. We recommend starting with 1 to 3 inch sections at a time for whichever style you want to achieve.
  • Style the under layers of your hair first. After under layers are completed, style your top layers.
  • You may use any salon quality styling product with your InStyler, however we do not recommend the use of any oil-based products with your InStyler
  • For better hold, you can use your favourite light styling spray on each section of hair before using your InStyler.
  • Go Slowly. The most important lesson is to glide the InStyler slowly. Don’t worry if you see “steam” coming off of your hair when using your InStyler. This is not the result of any damage to the hair, it is simply excess moisture that is evaporating.

Instyler Ionic Ceramic Rotating Iron review

To create extra body and volume using the InStyler

With the InStyler barrel facing towards the back of the head, close the InStyler onto the section of hair, and slowly pull the InStyler in the opposite direction that you want your hair to lay. In other words, at the crown of your head, grab a section of hair with the InStyler and slowly pull the unit forward towards your forehead.

To boost the volume on the sides and back of the head, gather a section of hair and push the InStyler upwards towards the crown of your head. Gently pull the InStyler through the ends of the section of hair. This technique gives extra body in the root area making hair look fuller. This technique can be used anywhere you need extra body, volume or height.

For additional height in your bangs, wrap the bangs with the barrel towards your scalp and let the InStyler rotate for a few seconds directly over the root. Open the unit and let your bangs gently fall from the barrel.

Hair types

The way you use your InStyler depends on what type of hair you have. You’ll get the most out of your InStyler if you use the techniques best suited to your hair type. The three main types of hair are: 1. Fine - Set the InStyler at Low to Medium heat setting. With fine hair, you should only need 1 to 2 passes with the InStyler to achieve your desired results. For finer hair use less tension and glide the InStyler through your hair more quickly for best results. 2. Medium or Normal - Set your InStyler to the Medium to High heat setting. You should only need 1 to 2 passes with the InStyler to achieve your desired results. 3. Thick or Coarse - Set your InStyler at the highest heat setting and style as desired. With coarse hair, 2 to 3 passes with the InStyler should be enough to set your style.

Instyler Ionic Ceramic Rotating Iron review