IXXI Elixir skincare review

IXXI Elixir Skincare Review TheFuss.co.ukFight ageing and pollution with French natural brand IXXI and their stunning Elixir range which are multi-action to help promote healthy-looking, beautiful skin.

The collection is made up of an eye treatment, serum, gentle scrub, a toning mask and more, and we tried out the Detox Nightime Emulsion and the Skin Enhancing Daily Defense Care.

Skin Enhancing Daily Defence Care

This multi-action treatment comes available in two shades, light and medium, and as it works to cover imperfections for a flawless base it helps to moisturise, firm and protect the skin from pollution. In a single step, the complexion looks beautifully enhanced, the appearance of irregularities is corrected and the skin feels firmer and smoother.

It’s incredibly lightweight and instantly melts into the skin creating a flawless base that lasts really well too. If you suffer from dark marks, scars or pigmentation you might find you’ll need a little concealer on top, but otherwise, this helps to give skin a flawless look – all the while treating it too.

IXXI Elixir Skincare Review TheFuss.co.ukDetox Nightime Emulsion

Want to wake up to beautifully radiant skin? This is the cream you need. Not only does it smell beautiful but it easily absorbs and skin feels beautifully hydrated without feeling too heavy too. It’s your skin’s best ally for dull and tired skin.

The detoxifying agent effectively eliminates toxins that saturate the skin cells. Upon waking, the skin feels regenerated, signs of fatigue are attenuated and features look rested. Perfect for those days when you need to fake that you’ve had the full eight hours. Day after day, the skin is more luminous and wrinkles appear diminished, for a more youthful-looking face.


Evens out, hydrates, firms, anti-pollution, detoxifies and regenerates


Limited places to buy from – you’ll have to get it direct from the buyer

Bottom Line

A beautiful French natural brand that you’ll want to introduce into your beauty routine, both of these products are really good, so we’ll definitely be trying more from the line.

The anti-pollution and anti-ageing products are just what we need to ensure our skin is always looking its best.

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The four letters in IXXI, a cosmetic brand with a focus on anti-ageing care, convey the serenity of trees and the mysterious allure of the far recesses of forests and woods, whispering of harmony and balance. IXXI is a skincare brand that entices with its deep-lying connection to nature and its secrets.

The French brand specialises in anti-pollution and anti-ageing products made out of pine derivative. OPC PIN is an extraordinary powerful active ingredient with genuine global anti-ageing properties, derived from Landes Pine and used in all IXXI skincare formulations. IXXI Laboratories extract this anti-ageing principle from pine bark. A genuine shield against external stress factors, OPC PIN is rich in pine polyphenols and has proven to be particularly effective against external aggressions that cause skin ageing.

Patented OPC PIN used in IXXI skin care is derived exclusively from the Pine trees growing in the Gascony Landes forest, managed and renewed in the spirit of preserving natural resources.