Josh Wood Blending Wand review

Josh Wood Blending Wand Review between getting your hair coloured grey hairs or roots might start to appear, the solution? The Josh Wood Blending Wand which helps cover hair in a natural-looking, affordable and easy-to-do way.

The non-permanent instant colour solution instantly hides grey hairs and blends re-growth, what’s more, you can apply it on wet or dry hair – just apply and then use your hair dryer to set and it miraculously lasts for up to three washes.

The Josh Wood Blending Wand is available to buy in a selection of seven shades, ranging from Light Blonde to Black, as well as a Cool Brown and Red shade too.

Head to Josh Wood if you’ve struggled to find a colour to match with other root concealers.

Using the wand is relatively easy, the product will come out quite quickly and soak the brush, but just wipe away the excess in a little bowl and then use this where you need it. Just apply a little at a time and build it up, rather than go in with loads and struggle to spread it evenly.

Shop the seven shades of Blending Wand available at Marks and Spencer now £9.50

Josh Wood Blending Wand Review

Josh Wood Root Concealer

Following the sell-out success of the Blending Wands, Josh added the Root Concealer to his Guardians of Colour collection. This works in the same way, as a root touch-up and is even easier than the Blending Wand to use.

The spray-on formula gives an instant, non-permanent, blendable colour to disguise greys and re-growth.

Josh Wood says: ‘It’s an instant fix to help conceal unwanted roots. A feather-light dusting of my Root Concealer will transform your roots immediately. Each and every time you apply to dry hair, be them dark or grey, you’re camouflaging any unwanted regrowth’.

What’s more, they don’t leave much colour on the scalp or any on the forehead. There aren’t as many shade options as the Blending Wand, but if the light blonde, light brown or dark brown are suitable for you, it’s definitely something to give a go.

Buy the Josh Wood Root Concealer at Marks and Spencer £9.50

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Affordable, good range of shades, relatively simple to use


Can be a little messy and application might take practice, but it’s worth it to get a beautiful result

Josh Wood Blending Wand Review

Bottom Line

The Josh Wood Blending Wand is great for covering greys and blending regrowth of your hair, it comes in a wide variety of shades and it’s extremely affordable too. The wide range of colours ensures there’s pretty much a wand for everyone, offering flawless colour match to give a natural look to your hair.

What’s more, this product lasts longer than just one wash too, so you can get at least a weeks wear out of it, depending on how often you wash your locks of course.

It might be hard to control the amount of product dispensed through the wand, but just a small bowl to wipe away any excess and apply it sparingly to your hair.

It’s a temporary solution for a common problem, and we think you’ll be pleased with the results you get from the Josh Wood Blending Wand.

Shop the seven shades of Blending Wand available at Marks and Spencer now £9.50

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Josh Wood

For nearly two decades Josh Wood has impacted the international beauty landscape with his creative and inventive techniques in colour. He has an enviable client list, has worked for magazines like Vogue and Elle, as well as working on catwalk shows for Louis Vuitton, Jean Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs. In 2010 Josh won the Hair Icon award in the P&G Beauty Awards voted for by his peers and UK media.

September 2011 saw Josh embark on a new phase of his career with the launch of the Atelier in Notting Hill. He now has two Atelier’s, another in high-end department store Liberty, and when he’s not in London, Josh is travelling the globe to tend to his international clients and direct the ever-evolving landscape of colour in his role as GCD for Wella Professionals.

Of course alongside this, he has his Josh Wood, Guardian of Colour range which is available to buy at Marks and Spencer. The complete collection of care and colour solutions have been expertly created to deliver results for each hair need. Hair is left soft, glossy and rich in reflective multi-dimensional colour, natural and glamorous. “I’ve created these products especially for coloured hair, so it looks and feels as young as you do.”

Josh Wood Guardian Of Colour Collection

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