MakeUp Eraser review

Makeup Eraser review in the US two years ago, we’ve only recently got our hands on the MakeUp Eraser in the UK and it’s safe to say, it was love at first use. This handy little cloth removes makeup without the need for cleansing products – it really is quite amazing.

The microfiber MakeUp Eraser has been designed to remove even the toughest makeup without the need of anything but water and a cloth – and we have to admit we were a little sceptical at first, but one swipe over our face changed all of that.

How the MakeUp Eraser works

The unique fabric cloth is made from a specially knitted polyester/silk fibre, which is far finer than human hair. These strands draw makeup and dirt from each pore it crosses.

When dipped in warm water the wet cloth creates a hydro-mechanical process that breaks the surface tension of the oils that bond makeup to the skin, removing all makeup and leaving skin and eyes refreshed and cleansed.

Double-sided: slightly longer fibres on one side for gentle exfoliation and a shorter reverse side for make-up removal.

Makeup Eraser review

Our test

Wearing an everyday face makeup look we followed the instructions to remove makeup, and with one swipe we could feel it working already. All visible traces of makeup were dissolved, mascara was gone with no sight of panda eyes and even a lip stain was no longer visible.

To fully test it we went in with micellar water on a cotton pad afterwards and were extremely surprised to find just the smallest hint of makeup remained on our skin – in comparison to wet cleansing wipes the MakeUp Eraser wins every single time.

With the ability to remove grime and makeup with absolutely no chemicals, MakeUp Eraser treats skin kindly and also treads more lightly on the planet. It’s machine-washable up to 1,000 times without losing any of its efficacies making it one of the most cost-effective cleansing tools on the planet.

Makeup Eraser micellar water test


Easy to use, cost effective, removes the majority of makeup, gentle of the skin, doesn’t tug, soft to touch,


Doesn’t remove every single trace of makeup as suggest, but it beat out makeup wipes every time

Makeup Eraser review


Bottom Line

The MakeUp Eraser is easy to use, really does remove makeup, doesn’t tug on the skin and generally feels lovely to use. It’s perfect for those times when you really can’t be bothered to cleanse your skin – we’re thinking after a night out – and is ideal for travelling and festivals too.

The MakeUp Eraser should suit all skin types in its simplicity. The theory goes that the cleansing process promotes healthy skin because it does not affect its natural acid mantle. So if you really struggle to find a cleanser your skin type gets on with, this could be an effective alternative option.

Buy the MakeUp Eraser RRP £16.50

Amazon -£14.89

Boots - £16.50

Makeup Eraser review

How to use the MakeUp Eraser

To remove makeup use the short nap side, for a gentle exfoliation, simply flip the MakeUp Eraser and repeat the process below, letting the long nap side deep cleanse your pores.

Wash: Wash the MakeUp Eraser prior to the first use – washing instructions are on the tag.

Wet: Wet the MakeUp Eraser with warm water.

Erase: Gently rub off makeup in a circular motion.

Wash: Instructions state that the cloth should be washed as needed, but we suggest that washing the MakeUp Eraser between every use, as this will prevent the spreading bacteria around your face – which is especially important if you suffer from spots.

Makeup Eraser review

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