Messy donut bun inspiration and tips

We’ve seen the meme about the messy bun expectations vs. reality and all too often we’ve experienced the reality, but thankfully Instagram has provided plenty of messy donut bun inspiration we can revel in.

Messy bun expectation vs. reality

We particularly love Sarah Angius’ quick video on how to create the messy donut bun, but then again we love all of her hair tutorials.

A messy donut bun might sound like a relatively easy hairstyle to create, but we all know this isn’t the case for the most part. Well, unless you have nowhere to go, then they always look lovely. As soon as you need to leave the front door, it just doesn’t happen, the hairstyle doesn’t look right.

Hopefully these tips will help you create a messy donut bun in minimal attempts.

Messy donut bun how-to

  • Use your fingers to comb through your hair and pull it up into a high ponytail, just behind the crown. Using your fingers instead of a brush will give the hair a more lived-in look.
  • Then thread the hair donut onto the ponytail and secure at the base with a couple of pins.
  • Pull your hair around the donut to ensure it’s all covered and tuck any loose ends underneath.
  • Secure the hair in place with pins.
  • Then gently pull pieces loose from the donut to make it bit messier.

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Styling tips for a messy donut bun

  • Start with hair that hasn’t been washed for a day or two, hair that has a little bit of natural oil in helps hold its shape when in an updo. And if it has just been washed chances are it’ll be super soft and hard to work with.
  • If your hair is very straight, spritz hair with a salt spray to add some texture to the lengths, which will give it more of a lived-in look when you style it.
  • If you’re using an elastic band to hold your ponytail, spritz it with some hairspray as this will give it a bit of grip and help it stay in place.

Why Sarah Angius loves a messy bun

The hair and beauty blogger says her love for the messy bun started years ago, and it’s all down to its feasibility. She says she loves the volume, messiness and puffiness of the look and the more messed up the better. And you can even try the look without a hair donut, as she shows in this video below. This particular version is romantic, timeless and wearable to any occasion, she’d even dare to wear it with a wedding dress.

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Instagram inspiration for the messy donut bun

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Double messy bun

Another look we love? The double messy bun, as modelled by Michelle Keegan on her Instagram page, it’s the perfect look for festival season this year.

I’m 3 again!!!! Bunches baby! 😈😜

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