Olivia Munn reveals her hair and beauty secrets

Olivia Munn never fails in the hair and beauty department, her locks, in particular, are always something we’re instantly drawn too. Seriously, how can they be that shiny?

This week she appears in the new Christmas comedy, Office Christmas Party, so we thought we’d share her hair and beauty secrets, which are perfect party prep tips too.

The actress, author and comedian went for the chop for her role in I Don’t Know How She Does It, opting for a chic bob, but other than that her hair is usually mid-length and a dark brunette that’s almost black shade that looks beautiful against her hazel eyes.

Shiny hair tips

So how does she get her hair so shiny? It’s quite simple really.

“I switch around my hair products a lot, but the one thing that I always do is a cold rinse to seal my hair after I wash it,” Munn says. “It makes your hair super shiny. I even do it on my skin after I wash my face; it closes your pores.”

For the red carpet hairstylist, Peter Savic revealed to Refinery 29 another hair trick to get super shiny locks that he uses on Ms Munn.

“Shine spray weighs the hair down,” hairstylist Peter Savic told us. Sp the only product he used to get her looking its best was — get this — hairspray.

Instead of choosing a product that’s formulated for shine, Savic opted for a smooth blowout, a pin-curl set, and a heavy amount of L’Oreal’s Elnett Hairspray. First, he blew the actress’ locks smooth; then, using a large-barrel iron, he created pin curls all over her head. “Alternate the direction of the curls,” Savic instructs. Before pinning them to Munn’s scalp, Savic gave each ring a heavy dose of hairspray.

Olivia Munn hair inspiration

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Bad hair day

It’s hard to imagine that Olivia would have a bad hair day, but there’s one red carpet moment that leaves her red-faced.

“Oh, man. Search ‘Olivia Munn Tommy Hilfiger’ and you’ll see. My bun is so extreme, it’s just too much.”

Here she is at that event, and we can see what she means, but the mid-thigh denim shorts and cleated sole blue loafers aren’t much better either.

Olivia Munn's bad hair day TheFuss.co.uk

S Bukley/Shutterstock.com

But her perfect hair day: “Getting a blowout. It’s so tiring doing it yourself, so I never end up doing it.”

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Hair styling tips

Her favourite hairstyle? She told MSN: “I like my hair long, but I also loved it when I chopped it off above my shoulders. I don’t dye it because I don’t know what colour I would choose. Unless I used a bright hue in a few sections, which I’m thinking of doing.”

When it comes to looking after her locks she likes to pay attention to the small details when she’s drying or brushing it: “Some people rub the towel in their after a shower, and that can really damage it, so instead I gently squeeze the water out. I also comb out tangles in the shower while conditioner is in my hair to avoid breakage.”

And another of her favourite hair and skin care tips: “Make sure that you tie your hair back at night while you’re sleeping,” advises the actress.

“Think about it: All of that dirt that ends up on your car windshield or on your windowsill? That can get in your hair, and then it can get stuck on your face.”

Getting her red carpet look

If you’re looking to try wavy locks over the party season, use this trick hairstylist Christian Marc used on Munn for the premiere of Mortdecai. It required multiple curling irons, but it’s definitely worth that extra bit of effort.

Get Olivia Munn's red carpet hair look TheFuss.co.uk

Olivia at the premiere of Mortdecai

He explained to Glamour magazine: “I started by applying Leonor Greyl Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice from root to tip on her damp hair, combing it through to make sure it was evenly distributed. Then, once her hair was dry, I began curling her hair with a 1-inch curling iron, starting from the back of the head to the front. To ensure that there was enough body and texture to last all night, I would spray each section with Voluforme before curling it. When I got to the front, I switched to a 1.5-inch curling iron for more relaxed waves.”

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Olivia Munn’s beauty secrets

Munn’s top skincare concern is the texture, that’s why she’s a big fan of exfoliating her skin.

“You know how men age better than women? It’s because they’re shaving all the time, which exfoliates. That’s the key to avoiding wrinkles.”

Her favourite beauty trick is to use concealer under the nose to instantly lift and make you look more refreshed.

“I read a study that says that every time you sleep with your makeup on, your skin ages an extra day,” Olivia Munn told Brydie. “It’s so true, because your skin gets really dry if you don’t wash your makeup off. And you can’t go back a day once you do it!”

She’s also a big fan of hyaluronic acid pills to really plump up the skin.

And she says when it comes to your skin it’s definitely an investment. “I’ve regretted buying a purse, a vacation… but I’ve never regretted money I’ve spent on my skin.”

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