Peg Leg Trousers: How To Wear

Effortlessly chic and classic, the peg leg trouser should be a staple trouser in every woman’s wardrobe, but how to wear them?

The peg leg trouser sits low and baggy on the waist and then tapers in just above the ankle, creating a beautiful silhouette.

These trousers are pretty much the dictionary definition of ‘smart-casual’, they’re great quality, super comfortable to wear and the perfect pick to take you from the office to the bar.

If you’re a bit unsure about all that extra fabric around your bum and thighs, don’t worry, it’s all about finding the right pair and styling them to bring balance to the look and great a sexy silhouette.

How to wear the peg leg trouser

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How to wear peg leg trousers

Heels can help lengthen legs if you’re a little on the shorter side, nude tones and low-cut styles are particularly good at elongating your silhouette.

Flats can work too, but again ankle-caring cuts will work best, so leave ankle-straps at home with these trousers.

Tucking in your shirts, tees, vests or blouses is best with these trousers, to help retain the shape and avoid a swamped look.

Adding a body-conscious element to your top, whether sheer, cropped or nipped at the waist, will make these trousers perfect for an evening look too.

If you have a short torso will end up losing your waistline in a high waist, ballooned hip peg-leg trouser (which works perfectly on shapes that have long torsos). The first step – find a pair of tapered trousers that don’t have a high waist. Another trick which will see you sporting this season’s Peg Legs with no trouble is wearing monochromatic colour schemes (and resist a belt, which will only emphasise your shortened torso)

If you’re more top heavy, then simply wear a darker top than the pants. This will visually minimise your top half adding the balance you need to look chic in this new style. A minimising bra and plenty of bust support will also work in your favour.

To side-step a sartorial disaster when wearing the peg leg trousers, it’s all about balance, get the styling right, concentrate less on the trend itself and more about your body’s proportions to get this stylish look right.

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