Salon Science Swiss Apple range review

Salon Science has not only created a range of haircare products that leave your hair feeling and looking healthy, but there’s plenty of science to back up the benefits they have on your locks and the Swiss Apple range for anti-ageing and restored volume is a standout for us.

The Plant Stem Cell Technology works to restore youth to lifeless hair, with products that are a joy to use, incredibly weightless and smell really nice too. In the range, there’s a shampoo, conditioner, hair masque, a scalp tonic treatment and volumising foam.

Volumising extracts work to instantly revive the natural body in your locks, and the whole range helps to strengthen, thicken and protect fine and fragile hair.

Salon Science Swiss Apple Range Review

Dr Bernhard Irrgang, Head of Research & Development at Salon Science, says: “Swiss Apple Stem Cell actives help to rejuvenate cells within the hair follicle, encouraging them to function more efficiently. Swiss Apple gives thicker, stronger and younger-looking hair.”

Containing a fusion of powerful active ingredients and the highest concentration of plant stem cell extracts within the formulations, Salon Science helps to replenish and revive hair from the inside out.

Using the technology and philosophy behind premium skincare to improve the health and vitality of hair, Salon Science is a treatment based range that solves hair problems with precision.

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Salon Science Swiss Apple Range Review Swiss Apple works

For years, an endangered Swiss Apple, famous for its self-healing properties had baffled scientists. Fascinated by its inability to shrivel or breakdown, the scientists at Salon Science spent years studying and researching this endangered Swiss Apple. They wanted to find the secret behind its incredible anti-ageing powers.

Finally, the Swiss Apple was decoded and it was discovered that the fruit was rich in phytonutrients, proteins and long-living cells. Not only did these cells protect skin stem cells, but they also helped to delay the biological ageing of hair follicles.

This eureka moment led to the creation of a revolutionary award-winning plant stem cell complex, where the apple stem cells were harvested and reproduced in the labs. . . PhytoCellTec™ Swiss Apple was born.

The revolutionary way in which this powerful apple stem cell was extracted, meant that the ingredient could be reproduced time and time again in the lab without the cell deteriorating in any way. Like a perfect stem cell blueprint, PhytoCellTec™ ensured that no endangered Swiss Apple trees would be harmed or harvested ever again.

PhytoCellTec™ technology has enabled Salon Science to harness the power of a rare and endangered Swiss Apple and apply it to hair care for advanced anti-ageing formulations.

Like skin stem cells, hair bulge stem cells continue to self-renew, however as we age this process can become sluggish resulting in thin, brittle and fragile hair.

The Swiss Apple range has been designed to enter into the hair follicle through the scalp.

The formulations work as a wake-up call for follicles by targeting and rejuvenating the hair bulge stem cells, enabling them to keep working efficiently. This creates a delay in the hair ageing Salon Science Swiss Apple Celluluxe Shampooprocess, resulting in stronger, healthier and younger looking hair.

The products to try

Celluluxe shampoo

Winner in the Hair Awards 2016 for Best Anti-Ageing Shampoo, the lightweight cleanser leaves hair feeling clean and soft without product weighing it down.

Salon Science Swiss Apple Range Review conditioner

This was also a winner in the Hair Awards landing the Best Anti-Ageing Conditioner award. It’s a light and silky conditioner that leaves hair feeling manageable, soft and healthy.

Salon Science Swiss Apple Range Review Scalp Tonic Treatment

The Cellucovery Scalp Tonic Treatment uses a concentrated amount of cellular plant properties to help protect the longevity of hair cells. It’s designed to help stimulare, nourish and rejuvenate the hair. You apply this tonic directly to the scalp on wet or towel-dried hair every day for 8 weeks to result in stronger, thicker and healthier hair. The great thing is there’s no sticky residue and it doesn’t make hair look greasy or loaded with product. After a few weeks you’ll notice just how much healthier looking your hair is.

Cellutensive Masque

Salon Science Swiss Apple Range Review with the repairing actives of the rest of the range with Keratin and Wheat Protein, this hair masks improves the hair’s health, strength and thickness. It’s perfect for a once-a-week treat for the hair that makes it silky, soft and strong.

Cellumax Volumising Foam

Volume foams and mousses are a perfect addition to your hair styling regime to add some bounce to your locks, what’s great about this, it works to give body as you style, but in the long run the science-backed ingredients help to protect the longevity of hair cells to improve the health and thickness of hair.

Salon Science Swiss Apple Range Review

Science backed, leaves hair looking and feeling healthy, weightless, products don’t leave residue, hair is stronger


It is expensive, but it’s definitely worth the investment for your hair

Bottom Line

The Swiss Apple range from Salon Science is a powerful, youth restoring haircare range, that’s backed by science. Formulated with the award-winning plant stem cell extracts of a rare Swiss Apple it helps you achieve stronger, healthier and younger looking hair in just a few short weeks.

Salon Science

Salon Science is a revolutionary beauty regime for your hair. Containing a fusion of powerful active ingredients and the highest concentration of plant stem cell extracts within the formulations, Salon Science is designed to revive the hair from the inside out.  By combining cutting-edge scientific expertise with hi-tech formulations, Salon Science gives the healthiest, most radiant hair yet.

Formulated and developed by the leading biochemistry experts in Switzerland, Salon Science has been designed to tackle a series of hair problems and comprises four targeted collections:

PhytoCellTec Swiss Apple: For anti-ageing and restored volume

AnaGain Organic Pea Sprout: For targeting hair loss

GSP-T Swiss Grape: For repair and radiance

AquaCacteen Organic Cactus: For hydration and scalp relief

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