Simply Straight brush review

Make straightening your hair as easy as brushing it with the Simply Straight brush, which combines the power of a straightener with the gentle styling of a brush.

Simply Straight brush review this the tool to revolutionise your hair styling?

Simply Straight Features

  • Combines the power of a straightener with the gentle styling of a brush
  • Set the temperature to suit your hair type
  • LCD display
  • Ceramic coated bristles
  • Auto shut-off safety feature
  • Straighten and style anywhere
  • No chemicals
  • Limited heat damage
  • Compact and great for travel
  • Temperature control from 150°C to 185°C

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Simply Straight is the solution to time and effort when it comes to styling your hair, it’s a brush and straightener in one so you end up with straight, glossy locks that are tangle-free too.

Combining the hair friendly ceramic coated bristles of the styling brush with the straightening effect of safe, controlled heat means your hair will always be exactly as you want it.

Unlike the harsh ‘ironing’ effect of traditional flat straighteners, the open face of the Simply Straight won’t damage or burn your hair as much as they would.

There’s no need to worry that you could knock this brush on unknowingly either, the on/off button must be held down for three seconds to turn on or off. Plus, there’s also an auto shut-off safety feature, so there’s no need to worry when you leave the house.


You can always see the temperature of the brush when using it, thanks to the LED digital temperature display. The adjustable temperature control from 150°C to 185°C allows you to be in control of the brush at all times so no need to worry about overheating your locks.

Simply Straight brush review


Make straightening your hair as easy as brushing it with the ceramic Simply Straight brush, which takes under a minute to heat up.

The 3D ceramic bristles lift the hair at its root to deliver gentle heat around every strand, right through to the tip.

This brush adds volume and shape to your locks and without flattening the hair.

This smart hair styler means you’ll be ready to leave the house in a flash as you straighten your hair as you brush. Tame unruly curls, keep frizz at bay and add some shine to your locks with this all-in-one styler.

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How to use your Simply Straight Brush

  1. Wash your hair with your usual routine, then, towel dry your locks
  2. Apply a heat protection spray – a must have every time you’re using heat on your hair
  3. Dry your hair with your hair dryer. You can’t use the Simply Straight Brush on wet hair. See our reviews of some of the best hairdryers
  4. Turn on the brush by pressing the on/off switch for three seconds
  5. As the brush heats up, section out hair
  6. Brush each section of your locks, it should only take one-to-two goes through to leave you with sleek and straight hair
  7. Apply a little finishing serum or hairspray to keep your locks glossy and sleek all day

Shop the Simply Straight Brush now at Ideal World

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