Sleek Contour Kits review and guide to which is best

Sleek Makeup have answered the demand for defining face products with their selection of three different contour kits – but are they really worth the money?

Sleek Makeup are one of the fastest-growing brands on the high street and they boast that they can offer you the latest beauty trends, all at an accessible price. Creating beauty products that might be low on price, but certainly don’t skimp on quality.

We review the three Sleek Contour Kits the brand currently have in their makeup collection, and see which ones you really need to try yourselves.

Sleek Face Contour KitSleek Face Contour Kit

This contour kit is made up of two powdered products, a silky matte contour powder and an illuminating powder. The kit is available to purchase in three different shades, Fair, Medium and Dark.

The small compact design means it’s great for cutting down your kit, and the easy to blend powders are easy to work with and look natural.

This contour kit is great for adding some definition to the face, whilst giving it a healthy glow too.

Sleek Face Form Contour Kit Shade RangeSleek Face Form Contour Kit

The Sleek Face Form Contour Kit is without-a-doubt a cheaper alternative to the Urban Decay Naked Flushed compacts.

It comes with a sculpting powder, a shimmering highlighter as well as a blusher to add some colour to the face.

The mirrored compact is sturdy, and perfect for use on-the-go, and these three products we’re likely to use daily are all packaged up in one sleek case.

The powders, like all Sleek powders are highly pigmented and really blendable so you get a natural looking finish to your makeup.

Sleek MakeUP Cream Contour KitSleek MakeUP Cream Contour Kit

This Sleek Contour kit is different to the other two products, this one is cream contour shades to help sculpt and define the face.

This is definitely the kit for people wanting to get a little more professional with the contour look, whether it’s creating the illusion of refined features, higher cheekbones, a softer jawline or a slimmer nost.

The buildable cream formulas are incredibly soft and blend flawlessly, the creams are really pigmented and last well too.

In each kit you get six shades of cream, and the kits are available in four different tones, light, medium, dark and extra dark.

The combination of shades in each of the kits are designed to create natural-looking shadows and highlights, with each shade having their own specific function.

Shade one is for highlighting, shade two for deeper highlighting, shade three for concealed and blending contouring. Shade four is for contouring or adding subtle shadowing effects, shade five is create the illusion of shadows and shade six is to add deeper shadow effects to the complexion.


Highly pigmented powders and creams, really easy to blend, affordable price points, good shade options,


The quality might not be as good as the high end makeup brands, but the price reflects this

Which Sleek contour kit should you buy?

The Sleek contour kits are a great addition to any makeup routine, offering excellent products at affordable prices. The powdered kits are definitely for the novice makeup user, who might just want to add a subtle definition to their face. Whilst the cream contour kit is for those who might like to create a more defined makeup look, it’s definitely something that wouldn’t fit into a five minute face, but if you’re looking for a more professional finish this is definitely something to consider.

Sleek offer a range of colours for different skin tones, and offer the must-have makeup products at affordable prices.