T3 SinglePass Straightening Iron review

The T3 SinglePass Straightening Iron has become a firm favourite with celebrities and hair experts all over the world, and it’s with good reason too.

Having witnessed his girlfriend waste fortunes on costly hair products, only to then blast her locks with tress-traumatising dryers and straightening irons, T3 founder Kent Yu set about creating his revolutionary range of heat-styling tools.

Here’s what we think of the T3 SinglePass Straightening Iron.

T3 SinglePass Straightening Iron review TheFuss.co.uk

Features of the T3 SinglePass iron

  • T3 tourmaline ceramic technology
  • Ionic technology to help seal the hair cuticle for a shiny, smooth finish
  • Curved body and bevelled plates allow you to straighten, flip or curl with ease
  • Adjustable digital SinglePass heating perfectly maintains plate temperatures
  • Heat ranges up to 450°F
  • 24mm plates
  • Auto world voltage (100-240V) works perfectly anywhere in the world
  • 3m professional swivel cord with cord wrap
  • Heat resistant matt
  • 2-year warranty

T3 SinglePass Straightening Iron review TheFuss.co.uk


Create a number of hairstyles, like sleek and straight, polished curls or waves, with the award-winning T3 SinglePass Straightening Iron, which works fast through your hair to reduce damage from heat.

Sleek in design, they look like a stylish pair of straighteners but when it comes to hairstyling, looks aren’t important, it’s all about the results. Thankfully the T3 SinglePass Straightening Irons deliver. In fact, four out of five people experienced faster styling times with good to excellent straightening when they used their T3 flat iron.

The plates on this hair straightener are made from ceramic and tourmaline, giving you the benefits of both materials when it comes to hair straightening.

T3 SinglePass Straightening Iron review TheFuss.co.uk

Impregnated with Tourmaline, known as the ‘electric stone’ for its astonishing ability to generate negative, water-dispersing ions – the SinglePass Flat Iron banishes any residual, frizz-inducing water molecules, to combat static and leave even wiry locks looking smooth, sleek and shiny with an advert-worthy ‘swooosh’.

The ceramic enables the flat iron to reach and maintain high, consistent heat. The heat turns coarse and curly hair into straight strands.

In combination with the extreme heat, these help to reduce friction when the hair passes through the straightener, giving the strands a smoother sheen without damaging them.

T3 SinglePass Straightening Iron review TheFuss.co.uk


The T3 straightening irons are designed with professional heat technology that delivers fast and consistent heat to style the hair and seal the cuticle in one smooth pass.

The fast styling is done to help protect the hair from damage that typically happens when you continuously pass straighteners over your hair. This also helps to enhance the natural benefits of tourmaline technology, leaving your with gorgeous frizz-free and shiny hair.

The T3 irons also boast a Microchip brain, which is there to constantly monitor the plate's temperature, this gives you the same level of heat the whole time that you are using them.


T3 SinglePass Straightening Iron review TheFuss.co.uk


Winner of a coveted ‘Editor’s Choice’ award from esteemed beauty bible Allure, the SinglePass Straightening & Styling Iron allows you to achieve super-sleek, enviably glossy straight or wavy styles, whatever your hair type or texture.

With revolutionary digital SinglePass Technology – which enables precise, consistent heat distribution up to 232°C (450°F) – you can quickly smooth and straighten even especially coarse, unruly hair without tugging or scorching it into submission. Tourmaline-infused ceramic plates emit the maximum level of negative ions, to eliminate residual frizz-causing moisture and seal each cuticle with a single stroke; minimising hair damage and enhancing shine for the ultimate, mirror-like, poker-straight mane or headful of tumbling, beautifully defined waves.

Sali Hughes - The Guardian Beauty Editor says: “Hair straighteners are a daily part of many women's beauty routines, so it's important to use a model that's as kind as possible to hair. These T3 ceramics are loved by beauty experts and heat in just six seconds, delivering sleek, shiny hair in one stroke. Hair feels soft and healthy afterwards. Great for creating curls and waves too.”

The Lovecats Inc says: “Does it work in a single pass? Yup, it does. I have mine turned just below full whack and it makes easy work of straightening my hair and keeping it that way all day. My hair always looks healthy after I’ve used the T3 Single Pass."

There are many good hair straighteners on the market and any number of them should work suitably on your hair. However, if you’re seeking a flat iron infused with tourmaline that has a proven track record of exceptional performance, you should consider the T3 SinglePass Straightening Iron.

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T3 SinglePass Straightening Iron review TheFuss.co.ukHow to use your straightening iron

Individual results will vary. Often times, the highest temperature settings may produce the most desirable results.
First-time users should always start at a lower heat setting. Gradually raise the temperature based on hair type and desired result.
For better results, style hair in sections—working from the bottom to top of the head.
After styling, comb through hair with fingers for a more natural style.
Clean the plates by carefully wiping with the heat-resistant cleaning mat while the plates are warm and dry.
Appropriate styling products, such as shine serums, holding sprays, or styling pomades, can be safely used in conjunction with T3 tools.

Brush: Use a brush or comb to untangle the hair ends.
Set Dial: Press the Power button to turn on. Adjust temperature dial to the desired level. When the red indicator light stops blinking, the plates have reached the temperature set and the iron is ready to use.
Clamp:  Take a 1" section of hair and pull it taut. Clamp section close to the roots between the plates.
Glide: Glide iron through in the direction of hair growth at a speed slower than when brushing hair. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until hair is fully styled.
Precautions: Do not wrap the power cord around the iron as this may damage the electrical wiring.

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