T3 Whirl Convertible wand review

Create curls that last with the T3 Whirl Convertible Wand, a hair tool you’ll always want on display because it looks so chic and elegant.

But not only does this product look great, it works incredibly too. With plenty of professional features that ensure your hair will always look its best, and definitely justify the higher price point.

T3 Whirl Convertible wand features

  • 32-19mm tapered barrel design
  • Five adjustable heat settings ranging from 127 to 210°C
  • T3 Tourmaline and ceramic barrel
  • T3 Digital SinglePass Technology
  • Detachable barrel so you can build your own toolkit with other T3 barrels
  • Precision locking system
  • Ionic technology
  • Auto World Voltage
  • Automatically turns off after 1 hour
  • 9ft 360° swivel cord
  • Cool tip and stand to ensure easy and secure styling
  • Comes with high-heat resistant glove
  • Comes with Heat-resistant mat
  • 2-year warranty

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The T3 Whirl Convertible is a tapered barrel which gives your hair a tousled wave look, basically those beachy waves that look effortless – but in reality, take a lot of effort to create. Unless you’ve got hair like Blake Lively.

The wand includes T3 Digital SinglePass Technology, which constantly measures and adjusts the temperature across the entire barrel for fast, uniform results. The T3 Tourmaline and ceramic barrel are compromised of a custom blend of materials that seal the cuticle quickly to retain moisture and produce healthy, shiny results.


With the brand’s signature single pass technology – a ring of ceramic heaters which deliver fast, consistent heat up to 210°C (410°F) – and tourmaline-infused ceramic barrel, this enables you to make waves quickly and easily without compromising your hair’s health.

The wand has five adjustable heat settings, from 127 to 210°C, to provide the optimum heat level for any hair type.

It’s also designed with a cool tip and stand, so you can place it down on surfaces without having to worry about burning surfaces. The cool tip allows you to gently pinch the tip of the barrel too, which gives ease when you’re styling your hair.

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Bottom Line

The T3 Whirl Convertible Wand is synonymous with style, class and high quality, and not only is this shown in how it looks but the design and features too. Everything about this wand is designed to help give your hair the best results, and it does exactly that, creating long-lasting curls that look effortless and stylish.

Yes, the wand costs a lot more than other brands, but you certainly get what you pay for with this product. It’s extremely high quality and your hair doesn’t feel burnt or damaged after you use it, creating glossy curls that look natural and healthy.

From the heat resistant glove, to the small Velcro strap around the wire, and heat resistant mat, all of the extras that come with this wand ensure the highest quality and give you the ease to create your hairstyle without fuss.

Shop the T3 Whirl Convertible Wand

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How to use

Using 4 key techniques, you can easily create a range of styles with this one must-have product.

Holding Whirl Convertible horizontally and rolling under will give you a soft, curled under finish, while rolling out will create smoothly shaped, flipped out ends.

Holding the Whirl Convertible vertically and rolling towards the face results in big, shiny face-framing waves and curls, while rolling away from the face will give you polished, loose waves and curls with a little more body.

PRO Tips: Create more volume by holding hair out from head at a 90° angle before curling. If hair has trouble holding a curl, curl a section of hair, release, then cup the curl in your hand until it has cooled, or clip to your head and move on to the next section. You can also try misting with hairspray before or after styling.

Other barrels available

Suitable for all hair types and length,s the five barrels include a wide variety of sizes:

  • 38mm Loose waves straight barrel
  • 25mm Undone waves straight barrel
  • 32-19mm Tousled waves tapered barrel
  • 25mm Defined curls clip barrel
  • 32mm Polished curls clip barrel

Simply click the barrels on and off to create any look from defined curls to glamour curls to beachy, natural looks and full-bodied waves. The barrels are compatible with all three products and can be purchased individually providing the ability to build a custom collection based on individual styling desires.

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