Top ten hairdryers

Choosing a hairdryer can be tricky business, whether it’s ceramic, ionic, tourmaline, professional or some other design, it can be a minefield to choose. Here’s our pick of the top ten hairdryers.

These hairdryers are all available to buy now, have a number of different price points, and in our opinion make up the top ten of hairdryers, in no particular order.

Dyson Supersonic hairdryer

The hairdryer is the first of its kind powered by a miniaturised air pump in the handle, using the same airflow principles as Dyson’s desk fans. It also means it’s extremely ergonomic, so your arm doesn’t tire whilst using it. The minute ‘digital’ V9 motor is located in the handle.

The hole in the middle also means it looks like no other hairdryer we’ve ever seen before, but with a £299 price tag, it also means it blows all other professional-grade hairdryers out of the water when it comes to price.

Not only is the hairdryer eight times faster than some traditional models, it doesn’t wreck your hair and maintains natural shine with a controlled airflow that peaks at an optimum 150 degrees (some competitors go up to 230). It also has a glass bead thermistor measures temperatures 20 times a second to make sure your hair isn’t exposed to excessive heat.

Is the Dyson hairdryer worth £299

Panasonic Nanoe hairdryer

The Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer certainly has a salon professional look to it, with a high-tech design and 2.7m cord that’s ideal if you don’t like to be chained to the plug whilst drying your hair.

So what exactly does this Nanoe technology do? It produces nano-sized electrostatic atomised water particles, which hold around 1,000 times more water than negative ions. And? It, therefore, provides deep moisture into the hair, reducing possible damage and dryness caused by heating. Nanoe penetrates deep into hair to maintain optimum moisture balance, which keeps the cuticle on the surface in good condition to make hair shiny and easy to manage.

The Panasonic Nanoe hairdryer is powerful (2000w) yet retains 1,000 times more moisture in the hair and scalp than the normal ionic hairdryer so really ideal for all hair types including damaged, dry and coloured hair. It also has a focus on keeping the scalp healthy which is absolutely vital for healthy, strong hair. Panasonic has done really well to include the importance of this and we think there’s going to be plenty of hairdryers that follow suit.

The Panasonic Nanoe prioritises the health of your hair. The dryer’s settings and attachments allow you to create a variety of different styles, and at the same time, it provides your hair and scalp with moisture that is normally taken away when drying your hair.

Panasonic Nanoe hair dryer review

Lee Stafford Coco Loco hairdryer

The gorgeous pink and rose gold dryer certainly appeals to our style senses, and thankfully the design of this hair dryer does too. The powerful motor helps to dry our hair quickly and efficiently, plus the coconut-infused grille means your hair is treated as you style your locks as well. Coconut oil is really good for you, both inside and out and has essential proteins required for nourishing and repairing damaged hair. The Lee Stafford Coco Loco dryer ticks all the boxes, it looks pretty, doesn’t dry your hair out as your style and comes with a slim concentrator to allow to create the perfect blow dry.

Lee Stafford has jumped on the coconut craze and created a great hairdryer that you’re bound to fall in love with.

Lee Stafford Coco Loco hairdryer review

Babyliss 3Q hairdryer

The Babyliss 3Q hairdryer was designed with you in mind; the advanced brushless motor technology gives a fast, controlled airflow with exceptional ionics for supreme drying and smoothing.

The hair dryer itself is 15% lighter than other Babyliss hairdryers and lightweight design gives greater ease and comfort during styling.

The super slim concentrator nozzle gives a streamlined airflow which allows for precise, controlled smoothing of the hair. The specially designed air intake system allows for noise reduction too, so you don’t have to worry about waking up the whole street when drying your hair in the morning.

Optimised to give you quick drying results, this 3Q Hair Dryer minimises the amount of time your hair is exposed to heat. The Super Ionic conditioning system leaves your hair feeling beautifully smooth with a glossy finish.

The lightweight body of the dryer and noise reducing rear filter let you blow-dry your hair and style with ease too.

For complete styling control, this hair dryer gives you three heat and two speed settings, as well as a lockable Cold Shot function to set your style.

This dryer has everything you could want and need from a hair tool.

Babyliss 3Q hairdryer review

Parlux Power Light

Powerful, lightweight and boasting ceramic and ionic technology, this model doesn’t give out any harmful emissions and maintains hair’s moisture despite the use of heat.

The ultra-lightness makes this 2150 watt dryer easy to handle and the Eco-Friendly technology, like previous Parlux hairdryers, makes you feel a little less guilty about drying your hair.

The incredible Parlux 385 Power Light hair dryer has an inbuilt silencer which means it is quieter and gives out no harmful emissions. The incorporated ceramic and ionic technology mean that hair maintains its moisture and leaves it looking shiny and smooth.

With perfect balance, light weight and an incredible airflow of 79 cubic metres per hour, the Parlux 385 has it all. This chic new model has the standard three-meter cable and features a carefully crafted handle which has been designed for perfect balance.

Parlux Power Light 385 hairdryer review

Karmin Salon Series

It may sound dramatic, but you’ve never seen anything like it when it comes to hair dryers. The Karmin Salon Series Professional Ionic Hair Dryer provides superior power, faster, healthier styling and flawless results.

The ultralight design of the hair tool, it weighs less than one pound, is also ergonomically designed to prevent wrist/hand fatigue and discomfort during use. Not that you’ll be using it for long, though – unless of course, you’re a hairdresser – because the 1800 Watt long lasting powerful motor means you’ll have your hair dried in no time.

It is 50% lighter and ten times more durable than comparable dryers, and the anti-slip design gives you ultimate control.

The Karmin Salon Series Professional Ionic Hair Dryer noticeably creates softer, straighter, shinier hair. This particular hair dryer is one of the best beauty secrets for getting a salon-worthy hairstyle in the comfort of your own home.

As well as including an attachable nozzle – to control air flow and get a smooth blowout – this professional-level hair dryer also comes with a diffuser, ideal for creating natural-looking bouncy, full curls.

It quickly dries hair without leading to heat damage; you’ve never used anything like it.

If you want salon-worthy hair in the comfort of your own home, less drying time, less damage, and healthier, shinier looking locks then definitely consider the investment in the Karmin Salon Series Ultralight Professional Ionic Hair Dryer.

Karmin Salon Series Ultralight Professional Ionic Hair Dryer review

ghd Aura

Styling experts and scientists collaborated on its development and the result includes two techy innovations. Laminair™ technology makes the air output more concentrated, allowing precision when working on one section of hair. This also aligns hair in a single way to grant more smoothness and shine. But before you worry that could leave it flat, the Cool-Wall™ technology allows you to get closer to the scalp giving increased root lift and volume, setting your style as it dries.

It’s also lighter, quieter and uses less electrical energy than your average hairdryer which is a bonus, but what we really want to know is that it will actually make our hair look HOT.

The ghd Aura Professional lets you style while you dry, giving you speedy ultimate root-lifting volume and super smooth shine. With two breakthrough innovations in technology, ghd aura offers a truly new drying and styling experience that delivers the ultimate in luxurious volume and a smooth, shiny finish.

ghd Aura review

Elchim 3900 Healthy ionic hairdryer

Since 1945 Elchim has created professional hair styling tools, with lightness, ergonomics, technology and design at the core. The Elchim 3900 Healthy Ionic hair dryer is no different, and something you’ll be glad you invested in from the moment you start using it.

This hairdryer is both lightweight and compact – great for travelling – and the built-in silencer highly effective. In addition, the salon length cord was really practical, eminently suitable for professionals, whilst its high pressure and superior air flow make it ideal for all hair types.

Elchim 3900 healthy ionic hair dryer review

Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine hairdryer

Experience the ultimate in luxury styling infusing real diamonds with a tourmaline technology to ensure frizz free hair with a super high shine gloss.

The Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine™ Pro Salon Hair Dryer uses a ceramic coated grille infused with real diamonds and ionic technology to dry hair evenly, avoid heat damage and a smooth, frizz-free blow dry with great looking gloss.

It’s an affordable product that delivers a professional finish. You won’t look back after purchasing this product.

Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine hair dryer review

Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Dryer

Spoil your hair with the ultra-luxe 2200W Keratin Therapy Pro Dryer. The advanced keratin ceramic coated grille and ionic conditioning give your hair a frizz-free shine for the healthy blow-dry and better result.

Honing your salon style is made simple with the three heat and two speed settings and choice of two concentrators or a diffuser attachment. The true cold shot button gives the finishing touch, helping your style to stay in place all day.

Preparation is the only route to perfection and the Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Dryer is the only tool you need to create a salon-perfect style at home.

Voluminous bounce with a Park Avenue polish is what it’s all about and with a little bit of prep and help from the Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Dryer, you can work it curly, wavy or straight – just as long as it’s super-shiny, smooth and swishy.

Remington Keratin Therapy Pro hair dryer review

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