The ultimate coat and boot combination you need this winter

Your coat and boots, it’s pretty much all we will be wearing in the months from October to March, so of course, we want them to be stylish and on-trend, that’s why we’re championing faux fur coats paired with sock boots this autumn/winter.

Both are two key trends this season, and when paired together they’re the perfect marriage; with the volume of the faux fur being balanced by the sleekness of the sock boot. What we wear underneath hasn’t been quite decided just yet, but with a coat and boot combination so good, who cares?

It’s easy to see that 2017’s silhouette is all about ballooning volume up top, with body-con at the bottom, and this combination is key to that look.

Faux fur coats are one of those winter trends that will always be around in one form or another, and they make the perfect accompaniment to party dresses as we head into December too, thanks to the glamorous feel.

But don’t feel these can’t be worn on the regular, opt for more tonal faux fur for an everyday look that’s still super glamorous, just choose a sock boot with a lower kitten-style heel a chunky heel to make them more comfortable and style-appropriate.

At fashion week it was easy to spot the front row crowd as they stood out in the faux fur coats and jackets. Oversized, bright or print, it was all about making a cosy and colourful statement. Thankfully the loud and proud designs have transitioned to the high street too, they’ll look perfect worn with all-black outfits as well as party looks too.

Just remember to pair your faux fur coat with a pair of sock boots for the ultimate on-trend look this season. High fashion sportswear has become the backbone of our wardrobes in recent years, and the sock boots are just an extension of this. Perfect for dressier after-dark occasions.

Balenciaga’s Knife Boot is the most elevated take on leisure footwear yet, expect to see them everywhere this season. Dior and Celine have both channelled the look in recent years too, and this era-defining classic style is inspiring a wave of copycat styles on the high street.

A bold faux fur coat and a pair of sock boots, a statement-making stylish look this autumn/winter and it’s as easy to wear as slipping on the zip-free booties. We can’t wait to wear it.