Wedding proposal expectations revealed

The majority of us have had thoughts about the big day, what dress we’ll wear on our wedding or the colour we’d like for the bridesmaids, but research shows that wedding proposal expectations are riding high too.

In fact, a study found that the average woman expects her wedding proposal to be at a landmark in her home city, with a dazzling ring that costs £1013.

What’s more, they study of 2,000 women who have yet to be asked the big question; it should take place after just 25 months of dating.

Other key factors should include him getting down on one knee in a private setting, but worrying about asking for parental permission first isn’t an issue.

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Craig Bolton, Executive Director from luxury British jeweller Mappin & Webb, who commissioned the study, said: “The results of our survey should give the men of the UK plenty of food for thought.

“The winter and Christmas period is a very popular time of year for proposals to take place, so if any men or women are thinking of popping the question now’s the time to do it.”

Some Would Say No If The Proposal Wasnt Right

Picking the ring

What is surprising, that three-quarters of women would like to help pick their own engagement ring. Men can breathe a sigh of relief if they have no idea of what their partner is looking for.

They want to help choose their own ring because they think their make would make the wrong choice if left to his own devices.

The most popular type of ring is a solitaire (round) cut diamond on a white gold band – with just one in twenty opting for an unusual stone like a ruby or emerald.

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Ring Expectations For The Proposal Are Revealed

Expectations for the proposal

Fewer than one in five women have every detail of their perfect proposal mapped out in their mind, which obviously leaves quite a lot of room for error from the man.

But half of the women aren’t fussy on the place where their proposal takes place, suggesting that men play it safe by choosing the beach or a famous landmark to get down on one knee.

An unlucky selection of men can expect a no if they fail to meet their partners’ expectations of a proposal too. In fact, almost one in five women has turned down a marriage offer in the past.

One said that they didn’t want any man to have any claim on their money or assets. And another said that her would-be fiancé had picked a ring that was so ugly she had to call the romance off.

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