11 reasons we love Amanda Seyfried

Taryn Davies
Published: April 2, 2015

Amanda Seyfried is one of our favourite celebs for many reasons; in fact, we’ve been able to find 11 of them.

The love she has for her furry friend

Her dog Finn has appeared on chat show TV with her, posed in magazines with her, has his own Twitter account and frequently (Read ALL THE TIME) appears on her Instagram feed.

She likes a drink

She admitted on "The Late Show" with David Letterman that she was a little drunk because she'd had three drinks. She revealed her choice of tipple is Whiskey, and she loves Middlton in particular thanks to Russel Crowe who gifted it for her birthday. She said she had some before arrived for the show, and then there was some Jameson waiting for her.

But it turns out getting drunk before appearing on these types of shows wasn't an isolated incident. She said that she doesn't really do live television after midday without a bit of courage from a drink. She admits it helps her through and encourages her to enjoy the experience.

Her unusual tattoo

Seyfried worked with Colin Firth on Mamma Mia! and as it turns out he was the inspiration for the tattoo on her foot, which says ‘minge’.

She told Glamour that Firth used the word quite a bit whilst they were filming, and she had to have it explained to her what it means by Rachel McDowell. She got it tattoed on her foot to make her laugh, and she says that every time she looks at it she does.

She co-starred in one of the most quotable movies ever made...

And more importantly, she knows that too. She told People.com that she sometimes even quotes it, she said she knows it by heart and it's such a classic that everyone quotes.

We’re obviously talking about Mean Girls.

She can make fun of herself

Hence her rapping on the Ellen show with a frog on her head.

She’s a fan of underwear...

And of course the importance of wearing said underwear.

She has old-school moves locked down

Amanda loves crafts

She told Instyle in 2010: “I’ve been making birthday cards for my friends since I was little. I am obsessed with paper and would rather shop for card stock than clothes.”

She loves Taylor Swift

I mean, we all love Taylor Swift, but Amanda says she’s the best idol. She told Us Weekly: “Taylor Swift is pretty hip. She seems pretty honest.

“She’s promoting knowing yourself and that’s the best idol.”

She knits

She has a Taxidermy collection

Which includes a mini-horse, an owl named Beatrix, chick named Linda and butterflies