12 times 50 Shades of Grey made us laugh rather than swoon

Kathryn Kearns
Published: February 23, 2015

By now you’ll have probably seen the movie, and you’ll have probably laughed out loud more than you thought you would. That’s because 50 Shades Of Grey turned out to be 50 Shades Of Funny.

Johnson has flawless comic timing, and ended up being a terrific fit for this role. She also gave the entire production a youthful, rom-com feel, with her innocence and utter bemusement of Christian’s ways and lifestyle. Ana even acts as a 50 Shades sceptic in a good proportion of the film, which made us warm to her even more. She allowed us to relax until, like her, we were gradually seduced into Christian’s darker world. But even Christian made us ‘lol’ more than he likely intended to. So, without further ado, here are the best moments and one-liners from the film that made us laugh rather than swoon.

“Are you gay?”

The moment Ana asks Christian this question, we are all mortified. But it’s her reaction that makes us laugh. She immediately regrets and cringes as soon as the words escape her mouth.

Ana’s reactions in the hardware store

When Christian randomly turns up at her place of work, her reaction is priceless. “What the f**k?” And when Christian suggests that he’ll not be wearing any clothes when using the items he’s buying, she’s just like “okay, no clothes is fine,” while trying to act like it’s no big deal. Erm...

THAT phone call

That drunk phone call she makes to Christian has got to be one of the funniest phone calls ever. Ana’s feeling a little confident, so decides to call Christian to tell him she’s returning the books he bought her, and of course, that she has to pee. She then proceeds to call him Mr fancypants, and tells him that he’s “hit the hail on the nead.” Oh, and let’s not forget when she makes fun of him, “Stay away, come here”. Hilarious, especially when we get to see his dead pan face at the other end of line.

“Strike out anal fisting”

When Ana decides to play dress up, she makes us love her even more. She calls a business meeting to negotiate the contract, and quite formerly tells Christian to find ‘Anal fisting’ and “strike it out.”

“You mean, like your Xbox and stuff?”

It’s Ana’s naivity that often makes us laugh, and this scene is a fine example of that. When Christian tells her about his play room, her comment is priceless. As if Christian has an Xbox.

Ana’s goofy dance

When Christian asks her to dance and it all starts getting romantic and slightly cheesy, she finishes off by doing the goofiest dance you’ll ever see. We love you Ana!

“Necrophilia’s not my thing”

Would you believe it, Christian has a sense of humour. The morning after Ana’s cringeworthy moment, she wakes up to find herself in Christian’s bed. She asks him if they’d had sex and Christian makes us all giggle when he says “Necrophilia’s not my thing”. Poor Ana!

“If you were mine...you wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week”

This one was funny, but in a kind of nervous way, and was in response to Ana’s irresponsible behaviour. Again, Ana’s reaction was our reaction, “What?” She was definitely too hung over for that.

“I’m not gonna touch you...not until I have your written consent”

A lot of Christian’s lines sound so ridiculous when spoken aloud. They definitely didn’t sound as funny in our heads, but this line just sounds like one from a parody.

“I don’t make love, I f**k hard”

Okay, so this was definitely nervous laughter.

“I’d like to f**k you into the middle of next week”

After the business meeting, Christians’ dryness, combined with his matter-of-fact tone and timing, made this quote simply hilarious.

His old, ripped jeans

Why? Out of all the things he could wear...why?