18 jumpsuits you need for the party season

Taryn Davies
Published: November 15, 2017

Jumpsuits are the perfect alternative to the party dress at Christmas; they’re chic, sophisticated and incredibly fashionable.

We’ve already picked out a variety of sparkly dresses that will certainly make you shine this Christmas season, but if you’re after something a little different we think the party jumpsuit should definitely be an option.

They’re ideal for those who like to keep their legs covered, and finding the right shape can be extremely flattering on a number of different body types.

The jumpsuit is a striking look, and there are pretty lace varieties, slinky and sexy jersey or silk and you can also channel this season’s 70s trend with the wide leg options – ideal if you want all of the glamour of a maxi dress without the impracticality. Skin tight options also flaunt your best features whilst keeping you covered in the cold too.

So what fashion rules do you have to be aware of when it comes to wearing a jumpsuit? Here we run through a quick style guide to wearing a jumpsuit.

Fashion tips for wearing a jumpsuit

Find a flattering style

Not only do you want a jumpsuit that fits you properly, but you want it to flatter your body too. If you want to show off your bum and legs, go for something a little more fitted on the bottom half, if you'd prefer to keep them hidden then choose a wide-legged style.

Strapless jumpsuits will show off arms and shoulders, a loose-fitting style is ideal for a mensy, oversized style if you prefer that look.

Just make sure that it's comfortable enough to sit down in, and you can get out of it with ease because you're going to have to get in and out when you need the loo.

Sticking to proportions

Another important consideration when choosing a jumpsuit is the proportions between top and bottom. There should be attention to the waistline and in a flattering position. For example, slim-waisted women should look for cinching at the natural waist; women with heavier middles should look for jumpsuits with a lower waistline around the hips, or, alternatively, empire waists. Volume is another issue. Flared bottoms work well if the top is fitted, and vice-versa, but too much overall volume is unflattering on nearly everyone. Trousers that narrow at the cuffs can be slimming, and work well to balance jumpsuits that are blousy through the top and hips.

Define your waist

If you want to add some shape to a jumpsuit, cinch in the waist with a belt. For a polished look choose a structured metal belt, or add some pearls or embellishment.

Pay attention to fabric

First decide what kind of look you want with jumpsuit: casual, professional or formal. For casual wear, jersey knits, soft cotton, and sportier nylon models are a good choice. Professional occasions call for more fabrics that hold their structure, like heavier cotton or silk. When choosing a jumpsuit for evening wear, women can opt for either a soft, drapey material or a stiffer one.

Accessorising a jumpsuit

Should you wear a jacket first of all? We love pairing blazers with jumpsuits for a sophisticated evening look. Adding a blazer can break up a look, but if you want full on glamour wear your jumpsuit with a faux fur jacket. Very 70s, but very chic.


Then we move onto jewellery...

There are lots of choices, from pearls to statement necklaces, cuff bracelets to bangles, studs to dangling earrings. However, it is also crucial that accessories not be overdone. Opt for a necklace and ring, for example, or cuff bracelet with teardrop earrings. Keep in mind that bags, shoes, and belts are also elements in the ensemble, and avoid overcomplicating the look.

What shoes to wear?

If you’re wearing a wide-legged jumpsuit we suggest that you always opt for some height with your shoe as it’ll elongate the leg line and add glamour and sophistication. If you’re wearing cut-leg, tapered with ankle-length with cuffs, sandals or flats may be acceptable, but we can’t imagine many women will choose this if you’re off on a night out.

Sandal heels are the best options, in our opinion, when it comes to jumpsuits. Pump-style heels make the whole look feel a little frumpier. And if you’re wearing a cut leg jumpsuit avoid ankle strap heels as this will only shorten the look of the leg too. You want to create long lines from your heels after all.