25 things men would rather give up than meat

Taryn Davies
Published: May 18, 2015

National Vegetarian Week starts today, but giving up meat couldn’t be further from the majority of men’s minds as they’d rather give up booze, cancel Sky Sports and even sex than give up meat.

A new survey found that 62% of men would never even consider giving up meat, preferring to shun chocolate, the internet and coffee.

But that's not all, in favour of eating meat they would have their mother-in-law move in with them, shun social media and stop going the pub.

Surely reading 5 reasons to cut down meat intake would persuade them though?

A staggering 81% admit they would be lost without meat in their diet, as seven in 10 say they have some form of meat with pretty much every single meal they have.

man eating meat

Could you give up meat from your diet?


A spokesperson for Peperami, who conducted the research said that meat is important to a lot of people and it's quite surprising just how much men are willing to give up in order to keep on eating meat.

The study of 1,000 men found nearly seven in ten feel that meat is a must at every meal time, and more than a third would be happier to delete their Facebook profile than give up their meaty foods and snacks.

Never watching TV again, swimming with sharks and giving up their mobile phone are also more preferable for men.

men eating meat

Would you say goodbye to burgers?

25 things men would rather do than become vegetarian

1. Delete their Facebook profile

2. Give up chocolate

3. Shave their head

4. Give up social media

5. Give up cigarettes

6. Give up alcohol

7. Get a wax

8. Go skinny-dipping

9. Give up tea or coffee

10. Stop going the pub

11. Give up their Sky Sports subscription

12. Move out of the UK

13. Audition for the X-Factor

14. Give up their mobile phone

15. Give up television

16. Swim with sharks

17. Give up sex

18. Streak through town

19. Have the mother-in-law move in

20. Quit their job

21. Sell their car

22.  Give up the internet

23. Break up with their partner

24. Stop seeing their best friend

25. Stop seeing their family