4 reasons you should start online dating

Taryn Davies
Published: December 9, 2014

Online dating has become part of our culture, and while many people may have once turned their noses up at the thought, it’s now definitely more mainstream.

If you’re single and looking for someone, what’s stopping you from using online dating as a tool?

Here are four reasons you should consider online dating to get some companionship in your life.


The search engines on these sites are quite complex and finding someone who’s compatible to the information you provide is quite easy. If you’re looking for someone with particular interests you can weed out all of the other people and save a lot of time on ‘getting to know’ someone.

Everyone is available

Have you ever built up a rapport only to find an hour into the conversation that they’re happily married/engaged/in a relationship? It’s a little dis-heartening isn’t it? But with online dating you know that these people are single and looking for someone themselves, it definitely makes the dating process a lot easier.
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Expand your dating pool

Not only could you possibly meet ‘The One’, but you could meet some new friends. And whilst you may be sat there rolling your eyes at the prospect of another friend, when you consider that they might have a load of single friends to introduce you to, that can certainly sway your mind.

It works

YouGov figures have proved that online dating works, with a surprising one in five relationships now beginning online.