Make your day pop with these 5 flower trends

Taryn Davies
Published: May 21, 2019

One of the most important parts of your wedding plans is your flowers. Whether you opt for real or silk, traditional or unconventional, it is a part of your wedding that will be a focal point for your guests to remember. Having the perfect flowers that complement your decorations at your wedding venue will really emphasise that wow-factor, and your bouquet will be a key accessory to your look. If you want to find a venue, then UKbride has a great selection. Here are five trends that will really make your day stand out…

Pantone's colour of the year

It might surprise you to know that the Pantone's colour of the year is, in fact, a leading factor towards the flower trends that become popular in the following year. Last year’s colour of the years was Ultra Violet and subsequently a wedding flower trend too. This year, the colour of the year is living coral, and it really is a beautiful colour to incorporate into your arrangements. You could use it as a bold feature colour or even a pale accent. Either way, Living Coral is a colour that can work for most themes.

Super Succulents

With the rise of the botanical trend, you can really embrace this homage to nature within your wedding flowers. Succulents are plants that don’t need a lot of water as they store it within the fleshier parts of the plant, meaning they look chunkier than usual indoor plants. Although this might sound strange, it actually makes them look very classy and minimalistic. You can use them within your bouquet or with the other arrangements- there is no limit to where you can add these little guys. In addition to succulents, foliage has become a very popular focus of flower arrangements in the past few years. “Palm leaves, jungle styling and types of grass have become a popular way to achieve a sleeker look,” says Maddie Dawkins, the manager at Lavender Green Flowers.

Flower Crowns

If you are aiming for a Bohemian style, or even if you just want something a little different to the usual wedding accessories, then the flower crown trend is something to explore. There are so many ways to style a flower crown to achieve a really sophisticated and elegant look. Whether you choose a bold colour theme or a softer style, it will complement your aesthetic. Flower crowns actually originated in ancient Greece, where people used them to show respect to the Gods. You will carry a piece of history with you throughout your special day.


Traditionally, wedding decorations are subtle in colour and stick with paler and more muted shades. This, however, is becoming an outdated tradition due to brides choosing bolder and brighter colours within their overall themes. A great way to follow this trend is you don’t want to go all-out on colour, is to use your flowers to brighten up your wedding day. Having block colour bouquets can really compliment your dress as it will stand out against the white or cream colour.  Another popular direction of this trend is to contrast the colours within the arrangements and have them as the focal point to the decorations. Don’t be afraid to really experiment with colour; you can’t really go wrong.

Unique and Quirky

‘Flowers’ can be a loose label as many brides have begun to explore the different ways to add flora accent to their wedding day without necessarily having real flowers. Unique bouquets and arrangements can be made out of a manner of different materials, such as old books, wool, origami and dandelion heads. Having a quirky arrangement as a part of your decoration can be a real showstopper and make your wedding pop.