5 of the best organic delivery services

Adele Halsall
Published: April 9, 2015

These days, there are so many reasons to go organic. Fewer pesticides, tastier ingredients and more nutrients in our food are just some; however, it can also help support independent farmers and local communities, if you shop right.

It's because of this that the demand for organic food has led to a rise in popularity for organic delivery services. Organic wholesalers and producers can deliver your chosen foods directly to your home for a weekly or monthly direct debit, enabling you to avoid the corporate supermarket and go old-school with your weekly groceries instead.

So what are you waiting for? With a chance to support the little guys and get even more benefits from your vegetables, there's no better time to sign up. Here are five of our favourite organic delivery services.

1. Riverford

organic-vegRiverford started out as a little organic dairy farm based in Devon, but it's now run from various bases around the country. Selling a range of fruit & veg boxes, meat boxes, dairy boxes, salad and mixed boxes, the company has everything you need to make the most of your food.

For those new to cooking or looking to try something different, there are even specially tailored recipe boxes, containing all the ingredients you need to make a tasty meal. All produce is seasonal, so as to keep costs down and encourage you to try new veg all the time, so you're getting variety in your diet. There's also the farm shop, selling pastries, condiments and sauces, and sweet treats.

Simply indicate how often you'd like to receive your box, or order a one-off box whenever you feel like it. If it's good enough for the Hemsley sisters, it's definitely good enough for us.

2. Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole have definitely paved the way for the future of organic delivery. By working with a number of independent grocers, butchers, bakers, farmers and fisheries, they're able to not only create a community but also provide us with the best produce they have to offer. As well as all the standard grocery staples, A&C also provide breads and produce suitable for gluten-free, vegan and other 'free from' diets.

Standard delivery charge is just £1.25 - very cheap when compared to other delivery services. Customers are free to add extra ingredients to their box when they need to, and switch their box for another one any time they want. You'll strike up a memorable relationship with your driver - the same driver for all of your deliveries.

The packaging Abel & Cole use is sustainable and returnable, so you'll never need to worry about recycling. A&C also work regularly to reduce food waste by donating leftovers to local charities and farms, and are committed to driving up animal welfare standards and biodiversity in the community.

organic-carrots3. Farmaround

Farmaround is a quaint, humble alternative to the big players, supplying just as strong a range of produce but with a lower price tag. Praised for its ecological practicality, it delivers your order in a functional paper sack rather than a box, and you can make up your own bespoke bag rather than choosing from a ready-made list. It also does regular special offers and deals on a weekly basis.

In keeping with what's in season, Farmaround's choice of produce will change weekly. As well as the fresh stuff, it also sells canned goods, cereals, condiments and sauces and anti-pasti goods, many of which are organic, fairtrade and provided by independent suppliers.

4. The Organic Delivery Company

Based in London, the Organic Delivery Co. was set up to distribute fresh organic goods across London and its surrounding areas. As well as the usual staples (fruit, veg, meat, dairy, bread), the company also sells natural/eco-friendly household items and has a whole section of its site dedicated to superfoods (including plant-based powders).

Another boon of the ODC is that you can get your fix of premium, natural, bio-diverse alcoholic beverages from some of the best breweries and vineyards around. There also healthy staples like filtered water, coconut water, and fresh smoothies, as well as baked goods and specially tailored items to put in your lunchbox or eat as snacks.

The Organic Delivery Company also runs special offers regularly, and shoppers can filter items by dietary requirement when browsing, including vegan, gluten-free and sugar-free.

5. The Organic Pantryorganic-produce

Nestled in the North of England, the Organic Pantry give all those based at the top end of the country access to some of the best produce around. Although its suppliers come from wider Europe as well as Britain (taking away that quintessentially 'British' charm), its a thorough service that dedicates itself to its mission and provides an extensive choice for customers.

Like the Organic Delivery Co, Organic Pantry supplies eco-friendly laundry and household essentials as well as all the usual foodstuffs. There's even a health and beauty section, giving you the best in organic, natural products that are gentle on your skin and to the environment.

There's a standard delivery charge of £2.40, but you can select your own ingredients as well as buying pre-made boxes, which helps to keep costs low.