6 reasons you need to watch Blindspot

Taryn Davies
Published: November 24, 2015

NBC’s new hit series Blindspot finally premieres in the UK tonight on Sky Living and we’re sharing 6 reasons why you need to watch the hit show.

It’s not your typical crime show

Blindspot will most definitely have you gripped from the first episode. It starts with a woman coming out of a bag in the middle of Times Square, she's completely naked, has no idea how she got there and is covered completely in tattoos.

There's a big tattoo on her back that can't be missed, the name of FBI agent Kurt Weller, and it seems her tattoos are something they need to solve and find out who this Jane Doe really is.

A second season has already been ordered

So you know you can get stuck into the series without being let down that there’s only one. NBC have already promised a second season run of the show, figures all look promising and Blindspot ranks as the number-one new show in the 18-to-49 demo with a 3.7 rating and a 12.7 million overall audience in America.

The tattoos

We can only imagine how long Jaimie Alexander (Jane Doe) had to sit in makeup for because the tattoos are extremely intricate and take up her entire body. They're beautifully woven together and the hidden messages just make them all the more interesting.

6 reasons you need to watch Blindspot TheFuss.co.uk

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Rewards the loyal viewer and doesn’t alienate the casual viewer

Blindspot' effectively shows the audience that every case matters; like everything that happens is part of a bigger matrix that's yet to unfold.

In an interview with wnypapers.com showrunner, Martin Gero explained that each week a storyline will come from one of Jane's tattoos, but there's still a layered character drama on top of it. He says the show will reward the loyal viewers, but those who dip in and out won't be disappointed either.

The identity theme

There’s something about amnesiac characters that we empathise with, there's also this sense of wanting to discover who this Jane Doe truly is. We want to know her past just as much as the character does. To us, that's the kind of bait that's far too hard to resist.

Marianne Jean-Baptiste

Marianne Jean-Baptiste is excellent in pretty much everything she's in, and Blindspot is no different. Even though she doesn't have the most screen time, she still stands out as a character and it works so well within the show.

6 reasons you need to watch Blindspot TheFuss.co.uk

Blindspot cast (Photo by: Sandro/NBC)

Blindspot premieres on Sky Living at 9pm November 24