6 things we can expect to see in the new series of TOWIE

Taryn Davies
Published: February 20, 2015

TOWIE returns to our screens this Sunday night and like most episodes we can expect plenty of drama, drama, drama.

In anticipation for the new series of The Only Way is Essex we’ve had a little think of what we can expect to see in this coming series, in fact we might see it all in the hour-long episode this Sunday which is on ITVBe of course at 10pm.

How many things do you think we’ll see from the below list? And will they all occur in the first episode?

An awkward encounter with Jess and Ricky

Jess Wright and Ricky Rayment split in the last series of the show, and while there was plenty of bitchiness after the initial spilt, the pair decided to put it all behind them and ended things on pretty good terms.

Since they ended filming they’ve both been doing their own thing, in fact Ricky has started dating Marnie Simpson from Geordie Shore – they’ve been flaunting their new relationship all over social media. Whilst some may think Jess is going to have something to say about the new relationship from her ex, we think she’s classier than that and she’ll take the high road. Expect to see a really awkward encounter though when they ‘accidentally’ bump into each other somewhere in Essex.

A pointless bitch fight

This usually comes later on in the series when things are getting a little sour, we’ve seen them happen between Danielle Armstrong and Vas J Morgan and then Ferne McCann and Jasmin Walhia, and they’re usually over something really petty, last an episode or two, then they make up in a really uncomfortable way. Who will it be in this coming series?

Ferne falling out with someone

Ferne McCann has had her fair share of spats during her time on the show, with arguments boiling between herself and Gemma Collins, Chloe Sims (her boyfriends’ sister), Jasmin Walhia, Fran Parman and more so we’re certain there’s going to be at least one in this new series – whose it going to be with though?

A new relationship blossoming

New characters means one thing, the producers want to see some flirting, sultry glances and tension-building pauses in the new series. While we’re not entirely sure who new characters are, we can expect at least one new face. In fact Mario Falcone’s new girlfriend could possibly make an appearance on the show maybe, or maybe Ricky’s Marnie?

A bust up between Chloe and Elliot

Chloe Sims and Elliot Wright have had an off-and-on relationship, which saw them back on and trying again in the Christmas special, but the couple have confirmed that they have once again split with reports of a volatile relationship. We’ve seen their bust ups play out on screen before, and we expect that these two ballsy people will no doubt clash once again.

Rumours of infidelity

This is a storyline favourite in TOWIE with Lydia, Danielle, Lucy, Chloe, Lauren and many more being told that their boyfriends have been doing the dirty behind their backs. Of course there’s bound to be more rumours this series, but who’s relationship is it going to plague?

We can’t wait to see the drama unfold this Sunday night at 10pm on ITVBe.

If you haven’t watched it already, we have the trailer for the show below.