7 Fictional characters who’d make great prime ministers

Kathryn Kearns
Published: April 23, 2015

The UK General Election is under way, and we’re already sick of the sight of Ed Milliband, David Cameron and Nigel Firage. We knew politics was dry, but with this lot, there’s not an ounce of 'oomph' or indeed charisma between them.

If you’re still deciding on whom to vote for, you’re not alone. Reading the manifestos and listening to them talk absolute garbage makes most of us nod off. If only there was someone who actually made us feel something - someone that could really give us confidence in the future of our country.

Unfortunately, it seems this kind of person exists only in fiction. But which fictional characters would make the best prime ministers? Here’s our list of fictional characters that we’d definitely vote for in the General Election.

Sheldon Cooper

At first glance, this timid-looking fellow doesn’t seem like a leader, but just try and sit in his spot. His knowledge is vast and although socially he has a lot to learn, he’ll learn it quickly and remind you of it every chance he gets. Sheldon tells it how it is, and won’t sugar-coat anything, which would be refreshing in a government that likes to cover things up. Bazinga!

Fun Fact: He is a Theoretical Physicist and knows a little bit too much about flags, Star Wars and comic books. Oh, and he's not insane, his mother had him tested.

sheldon cooper prime minister

Tyrion Lannister

Our favourite Lannister of them all - Tyrion. He’s been through through the mill, been kicked and ridiculed but he still has the gusto to come back fighting. He may be small in size but his heart is as large as they come. He’s made mistakes; has been there and done that, but Tyrion has the experience and courage needed to be a respected leader. His charisma, wit and hilarious one-liners are also just some of the things we would never get bored of. Don't be fooled - a very small man can cast a very large shadow.

Fun Fact: He likes the odd goblet of wine or two.

vote for tyrion as prime minister

Norris from Coronation street

Although Norris tends to unintentionally offend many people on the famous cobbled street, we all have a soft spot for him and there’s nothing that can get passed him. It seems he has eyes and ears everywhere. Like a bloodhound, he has his ears to the ground and always knows what’s going on. Leave it to Norris to get to the root of all of Britain’s problems.

Fun Fact: Norris once kidnapped a gnome named Arthur and sent ransom notes to its owner.

vote for Norris as Prime Minister

Sherlock Holmes

Arguably the best detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes can solve any crime or problem put before him. Not one to sit still for long, you won’t find him couped up in the houses of parliament. He’d get stuck in and head straight to the heart of the issue. He thinks like no other man on earth, and is always right. He’d definitely be able to get rid of the deficit.

Fun Fact: According to form, Sherlock Holmes’ IQ is said to be 190.

Vore for Norris as prime minister

Daenerys Targeryean

Daenerys is a wise and gracious yet determined princess and mother of dragons, who has already proven her leadership qualities. As the only original survivor of the Targeryean family, she had to figure out how to make it on her own. And she did with tremendous success. She would undoubtedly rule our kingdom with fairness and kindness. This said, people would be wise not to mess with her - she shows no mercy to those who do wrong. Oh, and she is also protected by dragons, which would make a great addition to our defences.

Fun Fact: She comes with a pretty huge army.

vote Daenerys as prime minister

Tony Stark

If there was someone we could sit and listen to all day then this would be the guy. He oozes charisma, is pro-active in his approach to problem solving and can put together one hell of a robot. He’d also win votes just for being incredibly good looking, and could get away with murder. All the other candidates would probably like him too. Again, an army of Iron men would be ridiculously cool, and no other country would even dare mess with us.

Fun Fact: Saving the world is just one of the things he likes to do in his spare time.

tony stark

Albus Dumbledore  

Oh, Dumbledore. He is pretty amazing, and who doesn’t want a wise and magical wizard leading their country? He’d increase minimum wage, build more schools, stop illegal immigration and reduce the national debt with just a few swipes of his wand. You would also know that he’d have our best interests at heart in everything he did. In this world, I also imagine that we’d be sorted into houses and assigned our own animal. But maybe that’s going too far.

Fun Fact: His animagus form is a swan - deceptively innocent with its pure white feathers, but vicious when threatened.

vote for dumbledore as prime minister


So, who would get your vote? Can you think of any more to add to the list? Let us know in the comments.