8 reasons you have to follow Dwayne Johnson’s Instagram

Taryn Davies
Published: June 28, 2016

Dwayne Johnson’s newest film Central Intelligence finally hits screens in the UK this week, and as much as we love him on the big screen, we love him on our small phone screen too. Here’s why you need to follow his Instagram account.

The actor’s account (@therock) currently has 56.6m followers and with plenty of good reason to as well, here are all the reasons you need to follow him if you don’t already.

All the reasons to follow The Rock on Instagram

Behind the scenes

As Dwayne films or promotes his latest films we get an insider look to behind the scenes, with some interesting insights on what to expect from the big releases he has coming up. Plus it’s always fun to see what happens on a movie set, because, you know, it’s not likely we’re ever going to be on one.

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Inspirational and humble

It’s easy to see why he’s considered one of the nicest movie stars around, he shows love to his fans often on his Instagram page. Plus, he’s incredibly humble about his fortune and knows when to show thanks in the sweetest ways.

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Movie exclusives

Jumanji remake rumours have circled for years, but we could finally get our hopes up when The Rock shared this post below. On April 22 he uploaded this photo, and through his use of tagging and hashtagging, he revealed he’s not only in the film, but it has a script, one that he loves, the film has a producer, a director and it’s about to shoot this coming Autumn. Expect plenty of behind the scenes to come.

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Best hashtags

Whether you need a laugh, some style tips or daily motivation, the Furious 7 star continuously churns out the most double-tap-worth Instagram posts, and they’re all accompanies with delightful hashtags that no doubt make the most seasoned Instagrammers green with envy.

Gym Motivation

Need some encouragement to get yourself moving? The Rock is the person to follow on Instagram. It’s actually quite amazing the hard work and dedication he puts into his body and it’s bound to encourage you in some form.

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He doesn’t take himself too seriously

Dwayne can certainly take a joke, especially one that’s pointed at him. Just look at this post about his younger self being imitated by Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum, and of course his signature pose.

Cheat meal goals

A man who works so hard in the gym certainly knows how to kick back and enjoy his food too. These series of pictures give us serious food envy and although we know we’d never be able to eat that much food, we can certainly drool over it.

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It’s hard not to fall in love with The Rock that little bit more once you’ve started following his Instagram account. He’s genuine, funny, caring and hardworking and all of this is perfectly shown in through his pictures and videos.