Alpecin shampoo review

Taryn Davies
Published: March 10, 2016

Want thicker, more lustrous locks? The Alpecin caffeine shampoo could be the easy solution to getting thicker hair a more natural way.

Alpecin shampoo contains caffeine in the ingredients, aiding hair growth, as you apply it to the roots whilst you clean your hair like normal.

Research from dermatologists, at the University of Jena, revealed that caffeine used on hair roots can help stimulate those that have been weakened. It also found that caffeine can help protect against the male hormone testosterone, which can have a harmful effect on the hair's root. This hormone makes men's skin more sensitive, as it breaks down the skin's natural protective function. This means that the scalp looks moisture quickly and causes the roots to age early, which can accelerate hair loss.


Alpecin shampoo review

The shampoo also has Zinc and niacin, both of which are important growth factors for healthy hair roots.

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How does Alepcin work?

The Alpecin shampoo still manages to penetrate the hair, even though you rinse it out just like you would a normal shampoo. The instructions explain that you need to leave the shampoo on for no less than two minutes, which allows the formula to get deep into the hair and the caffeine can take effect.


Hair feels thicker after a few weeks use, less hair falls out when brushing

Alpecin shampoo review


Scent, it has quite an off-putting scent

Bottom Line

We think this is a great shampoo if you’re looking to thicken your locks or reduce the amount of hair that falls out when you brush it; it’s easy to use and makes the hair feel clean too. It doesn’t cost much either when compared to other hair growth products especially, and even though we’re not the biggest fan of the scent of the shampoo, it’s something you can easily get over when you notice the effect it has on your hair and scalp.

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How to use Alepcin shampoo

You use this shampoo as you would any other product, massaging it onto wet hair. You just need to leave it on your hair for at least two minutes, this will allow the caffeine to get to work and boost your hair's growth.

Alpecin Double Effect Shampoo

The Alpecin Double Effect Shampoo is designed for people who want thicker hair, and suffer with dandruff too. The formula is made with the same caffeine-boosting ingredients, it just also has the added benefit of salicylic acid and piroctone olamine, which work to stop dandruff.

The shampoo is hard working, yet gently helps to relieve itching and soothe the scalp. You're left with hair that's clean and fresh.


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