Ardell Wispies Eyelash Review

Taryn Davies
Published: August 17, 2017

Eyelashes can be dated back to 1916, they were first created with human hair and applied to actress' lashes when filming, from their a trend was born when women lusted after movie star lashes. Thankfully Ardell has made it much easier, than weaving ouu own with their Wispies eyelashes.

Full and fluttery, the graduated mixed length of the Ardell Wispies eyelashes make these a beautiful natural-false effect.

These lashes stand out amongst competition because they're of really good quality and incredibly lightweight, so you don't feel like you're wearing anything extra on your eyes. Feathered by hand, these lashes are designed to give a gorgeously natural look to the eyes.

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Ardell Demi Wispies vs. Wispies

The demi wispies lashes from Ardell have a shorter length across the lash band, so they’re designed for those with smaller eyes. If you find you have to trim your eyelashes most of the time, the Demi Wispies, as opposed to the Wispies, might be the better option for you.

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Natural false effect, lightweight, easy to apply, fluttery effect, last a few applications


Like all false eyelashes, it takes patience to get the application perfect

The Bottom Line

A gorgeous natural-effect false lash, which might sound strange, but if you want to wear false eyelashes without them being too distracting these are the lashes for you. You can easily get a few wears out of the Ardell Wispies lashes, just make sure you keep them stored properly and remove all the glue before each application.

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Ardell Wispies Review

How to apply your Ardell Wispies

Check the fit of the eyelashes; put the lash on your eyes, and if the false lash is longer than your own, simply cut them down to fit. Use small scissors so you can precise with the trim.

Add a small amount of clue to the lash line, use a toothpick or a hair clip to spread it evenly across the band and ensure it's thin, too much glue will only result in a sticky mess. Wait for about ten seconds for the adhesive to get a little tacky.

You want to place the false lashes as close to your own lash line as possible. Use your fingertip, or your hair clip (be extra careful not to poke yourself in the eye) to press along the eyelash band to ensure it's all down and prevent from peeling off.

Practice makes perfect with eyelash application, so the more you try the better you’ll get. And if you’re like us, you’ll find that one strip of lashes will always go on easier than another – it’s the science of applying eyelashes for some unknown reason.

Ardell Wispies Review