ASOS work dresses perfect for the summer heat

Taryn Davies
Published: April 20, 2018

Dressing for work during summer can be a minefield, you need to look smart and professional to a certain degree, and feel cool and comfortable, enter in ASOS and their vast range of work dresses.

Dresses are the perfect option for summer days in work, they’re light to wear and of course, there’s access to a breeze to cool your legs.

A simple rule to live by however when getting dressed for work on hot days – if you can wear it to the beach or gym, you shouldn’t be wearing it to work.

No matter your age, it’s important to keep in mind that you’re heading to a professional place and that standard doesn’t drop because of the temperature rises.

Which dress is best?

Shirt dresses are an essential, especially in crisp cotton for the hot summer wear. Plus you can style them a number of different ways – belt it, leave it loose, button it all the way, or leave a few undone – not so many so you’re revealing too much.

The shirt dress will easily become a prime point in your summer work wardrobe all thanks to its power of making you look instantly polished.

Loose, tunic-like dresses or shifts will be a lot more comfortable to wear than fitted styles as well, but be mindful of proportions – you don’t want to look as though you’ve thrown on a sack and headed out of the door.

Styling your work dress

Pair a sleeveless dress with a light jacket if you'd prefer not to have your arms on show, some cardigans can be really thin too, so try one and see what's most comfortable for you.

Stacked heeled sandals will work well with most dresses too, and of course, a flat sandal will work too. Just try to avoid a knee-high gladiator look or a pair or Birkenstocks – these should be kept well away from the office environment.

ASOS Work Dresses

Shop dresses that are perfect for work now on ASOS, both from the brand itself and some of our other favourite high street brands you can buy on their site too.