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Avon Phone Line Opening Hours:

Department Opening Hours
Customer Service Monday to Friday: 8am - 6pm
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Avon Head Office Address:

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Reasons to call the Avon Customer Service Line:

  • I would like to become an Avon representative
  • I have ordered something from the Avon website and it hasn't arrived on time
  • I have ordered something out of the Avon brochure and have not received it
  • I have received a damaged or broken product from Avon
  • I ahve not received my Avon refund even though I have returned my parcel
  • I would like to complain about the customer service I received from an Avon representative
  • I am an Avon representative and have a query about the job
  • I would like to know more about Avon's animal testing policy
  • I would like to know what ingredients are in a speicifc Avon product
  • I would like to know when a specific product will be coming back in stock

Avon Login

You can access all of Avon's products from their website (there is a separate website for UK customers) and when you have finished shopping and added selected items to your basket, you can head over to the checkout where you will be asked to log into your account. If you have forgotten your log in details, please call the contact number and they can be reset quickly for you. If you are a new customer and it is your first time shopping with Avon you can create your account using a memorable username and password. You secure account will then memorise the majority of your payment details which will make for a speedier shopping experience next time round. You will also be given access to your order history so you can quickly re-order any of your favourite products. If you would like to cancel an order you can log into your account and select the orders you wish to cancel. You are usually given 24 hours to do this, before your order is dispatched. If you wish to cancel after your order has been dispatched you will have to return the product in the post. If you have received an Avon product that you are unhappy with, you can complain to the Avon Customer Service team using the customer service number provided above. Avon currently accept Paypal, Visa and Mastercard as forms of payment as well as any vouchers that have the Mastercard logo featured on them.

Woman applying Avon EyeshadowAvon Products

Avon sells beauty, household and personal care products both from their website and out of their brochures that are distributed by representatives. Most of their products have the Avon branding, but you can also buy other brands from their brochure and website including; Anew Beauty, MagiX, Color Trend, Ideal Flawless and Glimmersticks. A full list of brands is listed on the Avon website and in the Avon brochure. Avon also has a great range of lipsticks with their website homepage helping you to find that 'perfect red', depending on the tone of your skin and the colour of your hair. it is not just makeup that is available on Avon and they also have a great range of fragrances for both men and women. If it's fashion that you're looking for, you can browse through Avon's selection of womenswear, nightwear, footwear and lingerie, with well-known brands such as Lipsy and Fiorelli available to purchase through Avon. There are benefits to ordering products through your representative, such as the free delivery service, but if you are not aware of any in your area, you can view the brochure online, which includes access to the Avon clearance sale if you are looking for a bargain. In June 1989 an end to animal testing on all Avon products was put in place, and since then the company does not test on animals and hasn't done so for 25 years. However, Avon does stress on their website that in some countries where their products are sold, it is the law that they must be tested on animals before they enter the market. Avon are working to try and reduce this but at times do have to compromise.

Avon Representatives

Becoming an Avon representative is an exciting job with a lot of prospects. You can head to the Avon website for in detail information about what it is like to be a representative and how to go about becoming one. Avon claims that being a representative is an unlimited earning opportunity, plus much more. To become an independent representative, you can set up your own business online as well as meet new people in your local area. As a new representative of Avon, you will receive £350 worth of products as an incentive that can also help you get to know the products a bit more and really try out what you are selling. There is nothing to pay up front when becoming a representative and the £16 joining fee will only be taken when you have made your first order. You will need to set up your online store and hand out your brochure to friends and family to get your first orders in. Once you have placed all of your orders, you will have to deliver them to your customers as well as collect payment. You can then pay Avon and yourself. it really is that simple. For further information and contact with people who are already representatives, please visit the Avon website or call the contact number if you are having any difficulties.

Avon Delivery

Once you have selected what you would like from Avon and placed an order either online or with a representative, your order will usually be sent out for delivery within 24 hours.

With a representative

If you choose to place an order with your representative you will be eligible for a free personalised delivery service (you say where) which usually takes 5-15 business days depending on your area. You will be contacted by your representative to arrange a delivery time, location and payment of your item. If you have any queries about your order, your representative is on hand to help you out.

Courier Delivery

If you order from the website then your items will be delivered to your address by courier. You can select to pay standard delivery which will cost £3.50 and ensure your items will arrive within 5 working days from dispatch, or you can opt for express delivery which will mean your items are delivered the next working day so long as the order is placed before 1pm. This will cost £5.50. You will be sent an email with delivery details and progress once your item has been dispatched. If your item(s) is delivered and you are not in at the time, you will be left a card with instructions on how to retrieve your item. Please call the contact number if you experience any issues.

About Avon

Avon is a social selling beauty company that is currently based in North America but is available all over the world. They pride themselves on providing earning opportunities to women so that they can support their families. In the UK, Avon notoriously have a catalogue that is sent out to homes and it is thought that approximately six million women see an Avon brochure every three weeks. Products can be bought from the brochure via Avon representatives, who then earn commission on the items that they sell, these can sometimes be in the form of door to door salespeople. Avon sell health and beauty products and it is thought that more products carry the Avon name than anywhere else in the world. In 2013 Avon reached its record of annual sales, making $10 billion. It is now the fifth-largest beauty company in the world with 6.4 million representatives.This year (2016) there are plans for Avon to move totally to the United Kingdom, including its headquarters, which means in the next three years Avon's operations will move totally out of the United States. Avon also has the Avon foundation which has dedicated itself to helping the cause of women globally. This is a charitable organisation that aims to eradicate breast cancer and end domestic and gender violence, charitable events include Avon's Walk to End Breast Cancer.