BaByliss Boutique Salon 2400W AC Italian Dryer review

Taryn Davies
Published: August 12, 2015

The BaByliss Boutique Salon Italian Dryer has been designed to exact professional standards, and that’s exactly what it does.

Whilst hairdryers may not be the most glamorous of beauty products they’re something we’ve found have become vital to our kits, especially when we’re pushed for time and a professional, fast-drying hair tool is the answer for that.

Luckily, the BaByliss Boutique Italian Dryer delivers that in a beautifully streamlined and glossy too.

BaByliss Boutique Dryer Features

  • Salon quality motor
  • Choice of three heat settings
  • Choose between two different speeds
  • Cold shot button
  • Ionic conditioning to help fight frizz
  • Tourmaline and ceramic technology
  • Lightweight design

BaByliss boutique salon Italian dryer review

This hairdryer is a premium pick from the label's Boutique collection, and it's designed to help you cut down on styling time, that's to the ultra-fast air speed and 2400W motor.

Design of the BaByliss Boutique Dryer

The Boutique label is quite fitting for the BaByliss Italian Hair Dryer which looks and feels like it belongs in a boutique, with a typical Italian style with sexy curves and a high gloss finish.

This is one hair dryer that you won’t be rushing to pack away in its box, and if you have the space, there’s a hanging hoop should you want to use it.

A 2.8m power cord ensures that you can use the tool with ease.

Tourmaline-Ceramic Technology

The tourmaline and ceramic design works by dry your hair from the inside, this helps to reduce the amount of heat damage that is done to your locks.

The ionic system also works to prevent your hair from getting any static too, so you're left with hair that's smooth, shiny and looks incredibly healthy too.


Not only does the iconic system fight frizz, but your hair is left smooth and manageable thanks to the ultra slim concentrator nozzle which allows precise styling for flawless results.


BaByliss boutique salon Italian dryer review

Heat and Power Settings

The hairdryer has three different heat settings and two different speed settings, as well as a cold shot button which allows you to set your style, this means that you can tailor the use of the BaByliss Boutique Dryer to your own personal needs and hair type. Those with thicker hair will benefit from the added heat, whilst those with thinner hair only need a cooler setting to ensure there isn’t much damage done to the hair.

Concentrator nozzle

The super slim concentrator nozzle works extremely well to dry, smooth and control the hair. You’ll find that you’re left with flawless results.


Like the ghd Aura and the Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Hairdryer, there is of course noise when you’re drying your hair, but the advancements in motors and technology mean that it’s a lot quieter when compared to older models.

BaByliss boutique salon Italian dryer review


The BaByliss Boutique Salon Power Dryer is Italian made, and it combines high fashion styling and delivers a professional standard performance.

BaByliss have so much faith in their Boutique Italian Dryer that they include an impressive five-year warranty, which is pretty unheard of these days with appliances.

We know you won’t be disappointed with this hairdryer; it’s powerful, effective and attractive.

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