Babyliss Boutique Salon Deep Waves Hair Styler review

Taryn Davies
Published: October 26, 2015

Want that Old Hollywood style the stars wear on the red carpet, but not entirely sure how to create the look yourself? The Babyliss Boutique Salon Deep Waves Hair Styler creates the look in an instant.

Babyliss has a whole Boutique range, made up of different tools, all of which offer quality performance and outstanding value.

The Boutique Salon Deep Waves is designed to give you deep waves that you might find it difficult to create with a regular style, the gorgeous waves are finished with a smooth look that's very glamorous. Get the red carpet hairstyle at home with minimal fuss.

Babyliss Boutique Salon Deep Waves Hair Styler review of the Babyliss Boutique Salon Deep Waves Hair Styler

  • Operates at high temperature of 200°C
  • Tourmaline-ceramic barrels
  • Effortless styling, simply clamp hair between the barrels for instant effect
  • Fast heat up time
  • Variable heat settings, choose from three
  • Protect your fingers with a cool tip
  • Avoid surface damage with a rest
  • "On" light indicator
  • Automatically shuts off

Design of the waver

This hair styler is designed to give you flawless results, with little effort, simply clamp your hair in between the barrels for an instant waving effect on the hair. It's easy to do, and the glamorous pay off is unrivalled.

The barrels are coated with ceramic and tourmaline to help ensure even heat distribution, provide some shine to the hair and protect it against excessive heat damage too.

The barrels themselves are quite large, which means you won't have to spend hours and hours styling your hair if you have longer hair, but those with shorter styles might struggle to get right into the roots with the shape of the barrel.

To protect your surfaces whilst you style your hair, a heat protection mat is provided – no more unsightly burns in the carpet. For better control and extra safety, there is also a stay-cool safety tip on the heated barrel, ideal for those who manage to get their hands burnt when styling their hair no matter how careful you are.

The styler will also automatically shut off after 72 minutes, for an added safety feature.


It takes only 30 seconds for the styler to heat up, and the ceramic design ensures the heat is maintained and consistent as you use the tool. This means your curls will last and your hair won't suffer from hot spots.

With 3 temperature settings; 200°C, 180°C, and 160°C, it's suitable for all hair types.Babyliss Boutique Salon Deep Waves Hair Styler review

Babyliss Boutique Salon Deep Waves Hair Styler Summary

The Babyliss Boutique Salon Deep Waves hair styler creates a luxurious hairstyle that’s perfect for any party. You can create a more wearable, lived in look too. So if you’re looking for something different to the hair wands and tongs that are saturating the marker, this styler is the tool for you.