Babyliss Curl Pods review

Taryn Davies
Published: November 5, 2015

We know BaByliss have a knack for creating innovative hair tools that are easy-to-use and create professional results, just look at the BaByliss Curl Secret for proof. And now they’ve done it again with their amazing Curl Pods, another hair tool we think you NEED, will not just want.

Features of the Babyliss Curl Pods

  • All-in-one heated pod design for easy, secure hair styling
  • 18 large-size pods to create soft curls
  • The curl pods heat up really quickly
  • High heat for longer-lasting curls with a flawless finish
  • 8m cord
  • Comes with storage pouch for pods
  • Handy carry handle to transport them efficiently
  • 3-year manufacturer’s guarantee
Babyliss Curl Pods review

What’s in the box

  • BaByliss Curl Pod Unit
  • 18 curl pods
  • Storage pouch
  • Information booklet


The BaByliss Curl Pods have been uniquely designed to create long-lasting salon curls with the flawless finish we all crave. The pods are smartly designed so that they clip into themselves, so you don't need any extra pins or clips, securing themselves in your hair.

They’re a lot simpler to use than typical rollers and less heavy too, so they won’t fall out while you wait for them to work their magic or they won’t cause any neck injuries from added weight of the curlers. Most of all you’ll find they won’t tug on your hair either, a real gripe of heated rollers, which can result in head sore.

Babyliss Curl Pods review


The fast heat up and high heat performance gives you quick results with long-lasting effects.

The ‘heat ready dot’ positioned on the front of the appliance will turn from red to white, indicating optimum temperature has been reached and the pods are ready to use.

Babyliss Curl Pods review


BaByliss continuously design hair tools that prove anyone and everyone can create gorgeous glamorous curls at home that look professional.

All you have to do with the BaByliss Curl Pods is simply wrap the hair around the barrel and clip the curl pod together for gorgeous curls that don't have unsightly kinks.

The only gripe we have with this product is that 12 rollers fit into the unit at one time, with an additional six to allow styling of longer and thicker hair, but tahnkfully they heat up quickly so we don’t have to wait too long for the second batch of curl pods to heat up.

The lightweight design of the pods ensure there’s no tugging on the hair, and the easy-to-use pods that snap together ensure there’s no kinks in the hair or clips digging in our head.

We think the BaByliss Curl Pods would be a welcome addition to any hair tool kit, will you be adding them to yours?

Babyliss Curl Pods review

Where To Shop the Babyliss Curl Pods

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Top hair tips for using the Babyliss Curl Pods

  • You need to ensure your hair is completely dry before you use the curl pods.
  • Use sections, typically around two inches wide, to create gorgeous curls in your hair. If your hair is thicker, or particularly longer, you might need smaller sections.
  • Depending on where you'd like the curl to start, wind the pod up to that height, going right to the root will create more volume at the roots, but stopping mid-length will give hair a more natural style.
  • You'll want the pods to completely cool before you remove then, to ensure the curl has set as this will help them last longer through the day and evening too.